These 8 Plants Will Fill Your Garden With Hummingbirds

Apr 04, 2018 by apost team

One of the best parts of the year is spring. Your garden starts to bloom, and you get to enjoy the beautiful plants and wildlife in your own yard.

One of the most charming visitors you could attract is the vibrant, speedy, and little hummingbird.

The most common kinds of hummingbirds you'll see in America are the ruby-throated hummingbird or Anna’s hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are known for their soft humming noise produced by their rapidly flapping wings and their vibrantly colored feathers. If you want to enjoy their company often, include these plants in your garden to attract them all.

1. Bee Balm

These flowers are a staggering 3 to 4 feet tall and come in many beautiful colors such as purple, red, orange, and pink. If you're shopping for them, you may also find them being referred to as horsemint, bergamot, or monada. These plants do best in a sunny environment.

2. Scarlet Sage

As you can expect from its name, these flowers are a vibrant red. These flowers can thrive either in a field or in a hanging pot.

3. Trumpet Flower

This flower is named for its long, tubular shape. Trumpet flowers can do well in shade or direct sunlight. Just be aware that this flower can creep through your entire garden and try to overpower your other plants and surfaces.

4. Petunia

This flower is popular because it is cheap, low maintenance, and very beautiful. Petunias can adapt to any setting, whether they're in a pot or full garden. Their concentrated shades of purple, pink, and white will be a gorgeous addition to any garden. Their insides are sweet and especially enticing for all your local hummingbirds.

5. Phlox

These wildflowers are another popular addition to gardens for the same reasons as petunias. They're cheap, easy to care for, and thrive anywhere. Their silky white petals formed in the shape of a star will attract the attention of any hummingbird. Since they come in different colors, you can choose the flower that will best fit your dream garden.

6. Cardinal Flower

Cardinal flowers are great at attracting hummingbirds because they are the ideal height. They stand 48 inches tall and have a thin stalk. They are a very delicate flower that can add a lot of elegance to your growing garden.

7. Agastache

This plant's aromas are so magnetizing to hummingbirds that it is also actually called hummingbird's mint. The Hummingbird Society actually named this plant as one of their favorites.

8. Columbine

You will definitely cherish these bell-shaped beauties in your garden. They thrive in any condition and are a favorite among gardeners and hummingbirds alike. You can grow them in any climate and they can adapt to many different kinds of soil.

Will you plant any of these beautiful flowers in your garden this year? Let your friends and family know about these gorgeous blooms so they can enjoy having hummingbirds too!