These 8 Easy Exercises Help Defeat Fat Thighs

Jun 06, 2018 by apost team

Secondary to cellulite, "saddlebags" are bothersome areas of excess fat that are located on the thigh and hip area. The fat tends to come together right where the hamstring meets the glute. Since over 50% of women are naturally pear-shaped, saddlebags are quite a common occurrence that women would like to combat.  These eight lower-body exercises are just some of the effective workouts that can help in decreasing and eliminating the appearance of saddlebags. 

Curtsy Squats

This specific type of squat requires you to either place your hands on your hips or closed in a fist in front of you. While maintaining a firm stance, cross your legs intermittently and squat as if you are curtsying after giving a spectacular performance. When in the squatting position, your knees should consistently be at a 90-degree angle.

Traditional Squats

Ah, the classic squat! Traditional squatting may seem as though it is an effortless activity, but keeping a proper form is a bit more complicated than one may think. It is vital to make sure that your knees are parallel to your feet while keeping your back as straight as possible. Many people start off using walls or other solid structures behind them in order to offer some bonus support. 

The Simple Step Up

Whether you use an actual stair climber or your own staircase, step ups are a great way to tone the muscles in your lower body, especially your glutes. If you're feeling adventurous, try to add some dumbbells into the equation to burn more calories and increase the overall intensity. Just keep your posture as straight as possible while stepping onto the heightened surface. 

Forward Leg Swings

Unlike lateral leg swings, forward leg swings primarily work the quads and hamstrings. Your calves are also likely to feel some of the positive impact from this particular exercise. Standing in a firm stance, lift your legs forward and backward while rotating each side for balanced results. 

Elevated Squats and Knee Lifts

This activity is considered very low-impact, so it is a great option for novices who are just getting started in building their endurance. All you have to do is put your arms straight out in front of you to start, and position yourself into a squatting stance. Proceed to stand up while putting your hands horizontally outward, and then lift alternating knees during each squat. 

Squats with Kickbacks

These squats are quite similar to traditional squats, but they are more repetitive and require more mobility. Following each squat, you will stand and then kick your leg straight out before bringing it back and squatting once again. Following traditional squatting, guidelines work great for kickback squats as well. 

Leg Circles

This exercise is done laying down, so it's great for a cool-down technique after an intense workout. Lay on your back on a flat surface, and lift one leg into the air at a time. Once you have the leg lifted, rotate it in a small, circular motion for as long as you're comfortable with. 

And Finally...The Fire Hydrant!

The Fire Hydrant is considered perhaps one of the most creative exercises, and it's simple enough for anyone to do! Position yourself on all fours with your back as straight as possible. Lift one leg outward with your knee still bent, and then bring it back into your original starting position. 


Let your friends and family know about these exercises to stay healthy and fit. Comment down your thoughts and ideas for everyone to see!