These 21 Cleaning Hacks Will Change The Way You Clean Your Home Forever

Apr 05, 2018 by apost team

Nobody likes to clean, but it must be done. Use these tricks to make it as effortless and quick as possible! Cleaning products are often expensive and contain harsh chemicals. Try these 21 cleaning hacks with products you probably already have that work better than name brands.

1. Bar Keeper's Friend can restore life to any grimy pots and pans.

2. Bar Keeper's Friend is also great for giving the surfaces in your shower a deep clean.

3. Kill mold by wiping it down with alcohol or bleach.

4. Wipe down your faucets with wax paper to remove and prevent water spots.

5. Use wax paper on your shower curtain rods.

6. After washing your dishes, give your sink a quick rub down with soap and hot water to keep them sparkling and free of leftovers.

7. Cover any stains on your porcelain with some baking soda and pour some hydrogen peroxide on your sponge. You should be able to effortlessly scrub the stains away.

8. Skip expensive brand names and make your own Magic Eraser by purchasing melamine foam in sheets or precut blocks.

9. A little bit of rust remover and a wet sponge can clean any harsh watermarks in your shower.

10. You can also clean watermarks with your own cleaning solution made of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Try using this with your homemade Magic Eraser!

11. Skip repainting and wipe away any crayon on your painted walls with Windex and a rag.

12. Buy all-purpose cleaning concentrate in bulk to save money for handling your biggest messes. Mix the concentrate with a bit of water and you can clean anything.
13. A paste made out of cream of tartar and water can clean the stickiest and deepest grime on any surface.

14. Sick of streaky floors after you clean? Replace your soap with an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber mop to keep those floors shining.

15. Surround then wipe your dusty ceiling fan with an old pillowcase for a mess-free fix!

16. Mineral oil on a cloth can remove the toughest grease stains.

17. Use a lint roller on your screen doors to remove tiny, trapped debris.

18. A bleach and water solution on a tough brush is your best tool to remove mildew.

19. Effortlessly clean your kettle by boiling water with the juice of one lemon.

20. Use your homemade Magic Eraser to give your oven a deep clean.

21. Pour a few drops of Pine-Sol into your toilet brush holder to keep it smelling fresh.


Plan on using any of these cleaning hacks? Be your friends' savior by giving them these cleaning tricks that make life much easier and brighter!