These 10 Simple Tricks Will Help You Look Better In 20 Minutes Or Less

Jan 02, 2019 by apost team

From gold body wraps to cryogenic beauty tanks, the rich go to some expensive and long lengths for beauty. Without a million in your bank account, it may seem impossible to at least look like a million dollars. Commercial products and services are expensive, and they require the time and money devotion of regularity.

If you’re running low on time and money and want to feel confident about your looks, then you should check out these 10 easy, cheap, and quick tips to look your best.

1. Nix Eye Puffiness With Tea

Black and green teas contain caffeine, flavonoids, and potent antioxidants that studies have shown have an anti-inflammatory effect when applied to the skin.

Cosmetic tea use is an easy process. Boil your green or black tea and reserve enough bags to cover the desired treatment area. Put the bags in the freezer until chilled, or you can reserve them in a container in the fridge for future use. When ready, apply the tea bags to the bags and puffiness around your eyes for 10 minutes.

2. Whiten Your Teeth With Strawberries

Teeth whitening processes are another expensive and time-consuming cosmetic process. Try the malic acid content of strawberries for whiter teeth.

Simply rub a raw strawberry across your teeth for a minute to help get rid of the yellowing stains. You can also make a strawberry toothpaste by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a mashed strawberry. In either case, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse away the sugars afterward, as those could encourage plaque growth.

3. Tighten Up Your Pores With Rice Water

For under a dollar, you have a natural astringent, pore-tightening, and skin smoothing and brightening application that doubles as an ingredient for delicious meals, too. Research has also shown rice water to help improve the elasticity of hair, too.

Cosmetic rice water is simple to make. Simply boil half a cup of rice as directed. Use the rice for a meal, and reserve the rice water for your cosmetic uses. Apply it to your hair in the shower. Saturate a clean cosmetic sponge or cotton ball in the rice water, apply it your face, and then allow it to dry before rinsing away.

4. Hydrate and Exfoliate With Overripe Banana Peel

Did you know that the stage of a banana’s ripeness impacts what health benefits it offers? Overripe banana peels have the highest concentration of amino acids, which makes those browning bananas you’d normally toss out perfect for cosmetic use to soften and exfoliate the skin.

On a clean face, simply take the inside of the banana peel and rub it gently across your face and neck for about five minutes or until the peel has browned. Finish by rinsing your face with warm water.

5. Spoon Away Dark Circles

The cold spoon trick for dark circles is probably about as old as women pinching their cheeks for color. So, save your money on the cryogen packs because studies have shown that the tried and true cold spoon method remains just as effective at using temperature to immediately reduce swelling and discoloration.

Place two metal spoons in the fridge and allow them to chill. When you’re ready, place them over the problem areas and gently massage the cold into the skin using a circular motion. Continue until the spoons start to warm - five to 10 minutes. Note that you should never freeze your spoons because this can cause unwanted freeze burns to your skin.

6. Show Off Your Eyes By Curling Your Lashes

On days you’re particularly dreary-eyed because you’ve been burning the midnight oil, couldn’t sleep, or had a sad night, try curling your eyelashes to fake that wide-eyed look of being well-rested. Even on normal days, forget about expensive and traumatic fake eyelashes. Simply curling your lashes is one of the best ways to show off those beautiful eyes.

One trick to remember is heating up your eyelash curler. Soak it in hot water for a few minutes. Thoroughly dry it, and then immediately press the curler as close to the lid as possible. Hold for 10 seconds for a dramatic lift that’ll last all day.

7. Cover Graying Roots And Strays Without A Salon Trip

From stress and poor diets to smoking and genetics, a lot of factors contribute to graying hair. Here’s some good news if you have certain darker hair colors. You can cover up the stray grays with brown or black mascara. You can also use it on your exposed roots to extend the life of salon dye jobs.

Isolate strays and swipe them with the mascara wand. For roots, use a comb to pick up the top section of hair. Start at the root and extend the mascara wand a centimeter or so into the colored part of the hair.

8. Make Your Own Charcoal Mask

Charcoal masks can be pricy, and they often contain added ingredients that may not be ideal for sensitive skin. This peel-off DIY charcoal mask is a great way to clean pores, remove blackheads and whiteheads, soften skin, and even remove stray facial hairs.

You’ll mix 1/2 tsp activated charcoal, a tbsp of distilled water, and 1/2 tsp of flavorless gelatin. Apply to your face and allow to dry. Starting at the bottom, lift upwardly to peel the mask off.

9. Conceal Your Double Chin With Matte Bronzer

Not all of us have the time, money, or desire for plastic surgery to snip, tuck, and poof the double chin problem. Of course, the most natural remedy to permanently remove a double chin is to lose excess weight and use exercises to tone the jawline muscles. In the mean time, you can fake it till you make it.

You’ll use a matte bronzer to accentuate your jawline and detract from your chin area. Start at your hairline near you temple (about two or three inches above your ear.) You’ll use the matte bronzer to draw an upside down “ F “ figure:

  • Draw a line down your hairline toward your ear.
  • At your ear, stop and make an outward line across the center of your cheek about two inches.
  • Return to the point you stopped at your hairline to continue the line down it toward your jawbone.
  • At your jawbone, stop and draw a final line that follows your jawbone for about two inches.
  • Now, you’ll just blend the lines with a brush.

10. Give Your Face A Milk Bath

Milk contains lactic acid, which science says has innumerable epidermal and dermal benefits, especially when applied topically. Apply milk to your face and neck with a clean cosmetic pad or cotton ball. Use warm water to rinse away any residue before going on with your skincare routine.

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