There’s An Update On The Man Who Licked Ice Cream And Put It Back On Store Shelf In Viral Video

Jul 11, 2019

What started off as a joke escalated quickly after Lenise Martin III was arrested for licking a carton of Blue Bell ice cream, and returning it to a store’s freezer shelf. He was copying a viral video of a teen who recently committed the same crime, and like her, also filmed himself while doing so. He has now spoken out.

Martin was at a store in Louisiana when he decided to lick the ice cream, poke his finger in it, and return it to the shelf. He posted the video on Facebook afterward, and detectives later arrested him on July 6, CNN reports.

He was taken in for criminal mischief for allegedly tampering with property and unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity (the Facebook video).

Now, Martin appears to be out on bail and has given an interview on just what he was thinking.

“It was a joke with no criminal intent or activity…but I was locked up with murderers and real criminals on maxim security,” said Martin to WGMB Fox 44.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff's office confirmed Martin's indifferent attitude to People, saying that he felt that he didn't do anything wrong. He also admitted that he just wanted to be famous.

According to the Sheriff’s office that arrested him, it was no laughing matter. In a statement released to the press, they said:

“We discourage anyone from copying this atrocious act,” said a spokesman for the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office to WAFB. “It is illegal. It’s a health risk to others. We will pursue anyone we see do this. You will be charged.”

You can watch the video he posted below:

What do you think about this story? Has social media gotten out of control and spurred gross acts? Or is everybody overreacting over a harmless prank? Let us know what you think.