The Word You See First Will Reveal Your Subconscious Personality

Oct 25, 2017 by apost team

The first word that comes to your mind when you look at this image will determine your result. What word did you see first? What does this say about your subconscious? Keep reading to find out!

If you see LOVER:

Your subconscious personality is Lively!

You are quite intriguing, and you have a way of making people always want to find out more about you. You have a way of keeping people guessing, which can be both exciting and refreshing. No one could ever say that you are predictable or boring.

If you see LOWER:

Your subconscious personality is Dominating!

You are brave and always willing to take chances to make your relationships and career more exciting. When your partner, friends, or colleagues are a little nervous about doing something risky, they can count on you to both ease their fears and take the first step. There's never a dull moment when you are around.

If you see LOSER:

Your subconscious personality is Honest!

No one ever wonders where they stand with you, because you will never hesitate to tell them. While the truth may sometimes hurt, your partner or friends never worry about being deceived or lied to, which makes them feel quite secure when they're around you. Honestly, you're a breath of fresh air.

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