The Way A Hand Is Clenched Can Show Leadership Style

Jul 19, 2019

Our body language can hold many secrets about the inner workings of ourselves. Palmistry is a study that looks toward the shapes and patterns of our hands to unlock different mysteries of the body and mind. Apparently, the way you make a fist can reveal a lot about what kind of leader you are.

Take a moment to close your eyes and relax. Close your hand into a fist that feels most natural to you. Don't think about fighting or what you were taught before. Open your eyes and study the natural shape of your fist and learn what each form means.

#1 Type A

Leading comes naturally to you, and those around you feel comfortable letting you take control. You exude confidence and you're not afraid of new adventures. You also happen to be an idealist. You want to make time to hear everyone's opinions and feelings before you make a big decision. Your compassion earns you lots of trust and respect from your peers. You expect the most from those around you because you always hold yourself to the highest standards, too.

#2 Type B

You don't think outside the box. You live outside the box! You are constantly finding solutions to problems that others thought were impossible to solve. Although you're not the conventional leader others seek first, you are a savior in dangerous scenarios. You are calm because you know there is a way out of any sticky situation. Never stifle your creative energy because your potential is limitless.

#C Type C 

You know that the best leaders aren't always the most well-liked. Sometimes tough decisions must be made for the best advancements. You are calculating, precise, and very careful. You set goals you know you can achieve and you're not afraid of working hard to accomplish them. Although you may feel resistance at first, once others see your progress, they'll be just as passionate as you are about succeeding. Your shrewdness is a gift, but don't be too hard on yourself or those around you.

Are your friends the same kind of leader as you? Find out who is the real leader of your pack!