The U.S. Airforce Surprised Visitors At National Air & Space Museum With Beautiful Christmas Performance And We're Loving It

Dec 29, 2018

The holidays are always a time to reflect and be thankful for the things in our life we tend to take for granted.

From small things like running water and a warm bed to the larger things like a home to be in and family to surround ourselves with. Our men and women in uniform should also be on our list of people to be thankful for.

They put aside their home lives and loved ones in the name of duty. Something that, we as Americans, should respect and honour.

Dedicated to their chosen professions, they protect our freedoms. In this instance, they also set aside their off-time in order to bring a little cheer to the season.

Flash mobs aren’t new to the scene, but none of the patrons to the National Air and Space Museum’s Milestones of Flight gallery was expecting what would happen when one lone soldier settled into a chair with his cello. With the swell of voices over the loudspeakers, museum-goers either stopped in their tracks or rushed in to see the incredible spectacle.

The group of talented musicians ambled into the area, the composition of the flash mob delighted all the onlookers. As the Air Force website mentions, there are a total of 11 active duty bands and 5 Air National Guard bands in several different geographical areas, and of course, the Air Force’s best musicians made this a holiday spectacular!

As the crowds began to fill up the gallery, they were greeted with a 120-member U.S. Air Force band, their rendition of “Joy to the World” haunting and beautiful.

The fact that these brave men and women found time in their lives outside of service to practice makes this event even more special. 

What did you think about this performance? Have you ever experienced anything similar? Let us know - and pass this along to your friends and family to make their day!