The Simplest Way For Growing Tomato Seedlings

Mar 29, 2016 by apost team

Are there overripe tomatoes sitting in your fridge? Do not throw them in the garbage. Instead, you can use them to make seedlings in order to grow new tomatoes in just a matter of days. The Wannabe Homesteader shows us in this video how we can grow tomatoes with nothing more than a pot, some soil or compost, a tomato, and of course the touch of Mother Nature.

First, you will take the tomato and cut it into one-quarter-inch thick slices. Put some compost or soil into a pot, then place some tomato slices in the pot (four slices were used in this video). Then put soil or compost on top of the tomato slices just barely covering them. Put water in the pot periodically. In a week or two, you will have between 50 and 60 seedlings that are sprouting up. Take out the bigger seedlings and put them into a different pot, putting two plants together in a pot.

Yale Environment 360 has shown that approximately 30 - 40 percent of what is planted and grown in the United States every year either rots or is thrown away between the farms that grow it and the kitchens of people that buy it. That comes to about 133 billion pounds of food per year! This technique seems almost too easy, but appears as though it works just perfectly. There is always, at least, one overripe tomato left in my fridge, and now this is the perfect way to give it a new purpose and new life. Share this amazing trick with all of your friends!

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