The Shocking Health Effects Of Drinking Warm vs Cold Water

We all know that drinking water is super important for our health, but have you ever wondered about the temperature? Apparently, scientists have been debating this subject for years, and each side has their own pros and cons.


One study has shown that water between 80 ° to 106° F could lower the functionality of your immune system. Another study showed that cold water forces your body to create more mucus than necessary. A different study revealed that cold water boosts your metabolism and curbs your appetite, which helps in weight loss. All of these studies are confusing and contradictory, so let's set all of the facts straight.

Here's Why You Should Only Drink Warm Water

There are a lot more studies out there that highlight the cons of drinking cold water. Warm water offers tons of health benefits. Read on to learn why warm water is superior to cold.

Digestion: When you drink cold water with meals, it makes the food harder to digest. Warmer water with meals puts less strain on your digestive system. Some studies have even shown that ice water with meals can clog your arteries since the fats in your blood get thicker and stick to your vessel walls.

Pain Killer: Drinking warm water can help alleviate stomach pain and cramps because it increases blood flow. If you're experiencing severe a severe stomachache, try drinking a glass of warm water and massage your stomach in a clockwise motion to stimulate your bowels.

Slows Down Aging: Warm water boosts the elasticity in your skin, which combats wrinkles and dull skin. When you drink plenty of water, you're helping your kidneys flush out the toxins present in your skin that contributes to premature aging.

Decrease Stress: Warm water has been shown to relax the body and alleviate anxiety. There's a reason why you reach for tea when you're not feeling well!


The results are in! Make sure all of your friends know to stop putting ice in their drinks. You'll be surprised by how much better you'll feel after making the swap.