The Shape Of Your Lips Reveals Something About Your Personality - Find Out What It Is Now

Nov 16, 2017 by apost team

You wouldn’t think that the way your lips are shaped would have anything to do with your personality, would you? But recently, scientists and physiognomics have come to the conclusion that the shape of your lips does actually reflect certain personality traits you have. Read on to learn the different lip shapes and the way they can reflect your personality traits. 

#1 Thin Lips

People who have thin lips don’t like to engage with others. They are typically self-dependent and can quickly and easily solve any problem thrown at them. They respect their friends, family and strangers and value the actions of others. If you are a man with thin lips, you know that it is always OK to hang out at home alone. 

#2 Large Puffy Lips

Individuals with large, puffy lips have a caring, giving attitude. They may bring home stray animals to take care of them. They are strong-willed and will do what they can to help others out. They will always take care of other people before themselves in a stressful situation. 

#3 Ordinary Lips

Men and women who have ordinary lips usually have a very balanced mind and the common sense to get them through life easily. They can listen to others with care and concern and respond well to feedback. They have the ability to approach friends and family with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor, although they do have a sarcastic streak. They love to laugh and talk with others on a regular basis.

#4 Thin Upper Lip

Those who have a thin upper lip will do great in leadership positions. They have the ability to convince others to follow them. They are problem solvers, not only for their own issues but for issues that others come to them with. However, while they are usually 100% successful where they work, they may find it difficult to maintain a relationship. 

#5 Small Puffy Lips

Those with small puffy lips may be teased about them. They often come off as egotistical at first; however, this often isn’t true. They can be sympathetic and caring and will do their best to guide others. More often than not, things work out for them.

#6 The Upper Lip Is Bigger Than The Lower Lip

When you see someone who has a bigger upper lip, you can almost guarantee they are a drama queen. That’s OK, though. These people are also intelligent and charming and can draw others into their emotional space. They love to be thought of as attractive and are usually talkative. They can also be sarcastic at times. 

#7 The Lower Lip Is Larger Than The Upper Lip

Those born with these types of lips typically do not enjoy boring, mundane work. They won’t like working in an office because it will be dull and tedious to them. They know how to have fun, enjoy life and seek new adventures. They are usually open to anything that is new and exciting and love to visit new places when they can. They can also easily lead others to do the same alongside them.

#8 Sharp Philtrum Upper Lip

Those who have a sharp philtrum upper lip are known to be extremely creative. They usually take paths such as musicians and artists and love to create things of beauty. They can easily memorize things and are great at remembering faces. Both men and women can be very talkative with others and they try to maintain contact with friends and family. They are active and social and are usually quite successful in their endeavors.

#9 Rounded Philtrum Upper Lip

Someone with a rounded philtrum upper lip is usually very sensitive, compassionate and kind-hearted. They love to help others out who are dealing with tough decisions and situations. They can easily make their own decisions as well and are strong-willed. 

#10 Upper Lip Without A Philtrum

This type of person is very dependable and stubborn. Things do not stress them out easily, such as work deadlines and other problems. They always make sure that they are punctual and that everything is completed on time or even before it is due. They can be depended on no matter what the situation and can take care of one issue after another.


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