‘The Red Dress Still Fits ’ Reba McEntire Performs In The Same Stunning Dress She Wore In 1993

How many of your old clothes do you still fit into? For most of us, clothes come and go rapidly depending on our age, body type, and the latest fashion. Can you imagine still being able to fit into something you wore 25 years ago?

Reba McEntire can!


The veteran singer known for her vibrant locks and equally vibrant sense of humor stunned the crowd at the 2018 American Country Music Awards when she stepped on stage wearing the same sexy red dress she wore to the CMAs in 1993!

That’s right, a whole 25 years later!

Back in 1993 Reba performed “Does He Love You” with fellow star Linda Davis. Everybody’s eyes were on Reba’s dress, so it’s no surprise she decided to resurrect the stunning frock for her performance with her famous daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson.

The duo also performed “Does He Love You,” and besides Reba’s deflated hair and new singing partner, not much has changed. She is still just as stunning and talented as ever.

Reba also hosted the CMAs, so all eyes were on her for the evening. This wasn’t her first time hosting, but Reba explained that it had been awhile since she had the honor and said “it’s time a woman steps back in.”

When asked “What’s going to be different (about the show) this year,” Reba said, “Well, it’s going to be a different show this year. I told them I didn’t want to talk about politics. I don’t want to talk about nothing that’s not fun.”

Country singer Carrie Underwood set a record when she did 10+ costume changes at the 2015 Country Music Awards, so naturally Reba was asked how many she would do, to which she replied, “107. I’m going to beat Carrie Underwood at the CMAs.”

But no one can deny that the real showstopper outfit of the night was her beloved red dress.

You can see it in all its glory by watching her performance with Kelly Clarkson below.

Reba looked absolutely stunning in her timeless dress! Doesn’t watching this make you want to try and fit into your old dresses and clothes?

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