The Queen Wrote Letters To North Dakota Woman Every Year For Their Shared Birthday

Sep 22, 2022 by apost team

Passing at 96 years old, Queen Elizabeth II's rule as the British Monarch is widely considered to be the longest recorded of any female head of state in history. Her reign is also the longest of any British monarch. This 2022, she celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. But despite her royal status, the queen has forged unlikely friendships, especially with Adele Hankey, a woman in North Dakota, United States, who became the queen's pen pal since she ascended the throne. 

Born on Apr. 21, 1926, Queen Elizabeth was born in London to the Duke and Duchess of York. Her father became King Edward VIII which made Elizabeth his heir. While Feb. 6, 1952, marks the day that Queen Elizabeth, then 26, became the monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, it also has a sad meaning — it's the day that her father, King George VI, died. For anyone who's watched Netflix's royal drama series "The Crown," they'll be aware that Elizabeth was being primed for her future role as queen even while her father was still alive and he was king. 

In fact, even in 1951, the year before her reign officially started, and two years before her coronation in 1953, she already stood in for her father on some occasions when he was ill. Her father ended up passing away on Feb. 6, 1952, and her coronation took place 16 months later. Throughout her historic reign, Queen Elizabeth II had many monumental moments that showed her in a light other than monarchy. 

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Queen Elizabeth II (2017), (Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Adele Hankey, the queen's pen pal from North Dakota, has been in touch with Her Majesty ever since she ascended the throne in 1952. They have been pen pals for 70 years already. 

Speaking to KFYR, Adele Hankey detailed how her relationship with the queen started. 

"I could have jumped out of my shoes," Hankey said, referring to when she first got a response from the Her Majesty. She revealed that when Elizabeth became queen, she sent her a letter, and she was surprised by the response she got back. 

"I asked her for a hat. I was hoping she would send me one. But she sent a lovely picture on her birthday," said Adele. She and the queen share the same birthday: Apr. 21, 1926.

Sadly, because of protocols and the distance between the two of them – Adele never managed to meet Queen Elizabeth II in person when she was still alive. 

But despite the missed opportunity, the two have forged an unbreakable bond through something they both like – cooking. During the interview, she said that they share similar tastes in food, too: "The recipes the queen liked were with marmalade. And so do I. How about that?" 

Adele Hankey was a writer for Dakota Country Magazine, Walsh County Press, and Walsh County Records. The Dakota native was also a proud owner of a cookbook.

Like any other friend of the late queen, Adele mourns and misses her too. 

"Oh, absolutely. You miss your pen pals," Hankey told the publication when asked if she misses the queen's communication. Although she lost track of how many letters they exchanged throughout the seventy years, Adele remains proud of her friendship with the state leader. 

Adele Hankey is spending her time with her dear family in Park River, North Dakota.

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