The Queen And Prince Philip Are To Fly To Balmoral Today

Aug 04, 2020 by apost team

The Queen and Prince Philip were spotted at the Royal Air Force station in Northolt, West London, traveling in the back of a car. The royal pair will fly to Balmoral, Scotland for a summer vacation until October. 

This comes after months of both the Queen and Prince Philip self-isolating in Windsor Castle due to the coronavirus.

Leon Neal /Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Queen and Prince Philip arrived in RAF in Northolt ahead of their flight Aberdeenshire in Scotland where they will be staying until the end of October, according to Daily Mail. This vacation trip comes after the self-isolation the two have been practicing since March 19th.

The Queen, 94, looked sophisticated as usual wearing a light blue jacket and dress as she arrived as a passenger in a chauffeur-driven car. The Duke of Edinburgh, 98, sported a dapper, yellow, collared shirt along with a green jumper.

Not long after the couple arrived, a private Embraer Legacy 600 jet—which is owned by Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy—departed. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not the Queen and Prince Philip boarded the flight.

To prepare the Balmoral castle for the Queen and Prince Philip's arrival, a group of royal assistants traveled to the 50,000-acre Scottish estate belonging to the Queen. In order to minimize the risk to the royal couple—both in their 90s—the royal staff quarantined for two weeks to avoid COVID-19 exposure, according to Daily Mail.

The idea is that the staff at the Scottish estate will minimize contact with anyone outside of the royal household to further reduce coronavirus risk. They will be creating a 'Balmoral bubble' in order to keep the Queen and Prince Philip safe. Measures will also be taken if any other royal family members want to visit them in Scotland.

Normally, the royal couple is joined by their children and grandchildren, but this year social distancing will likely be in effect. Rather than staying in the castle with the Queen and Prince Philip, royal family members visiting will have to be housed on other properties that are a part of the estate.

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