The Only Proof Of Climate Change You Will Ever Need Has Been Caught On Camera - And It's Bad

Nov 19, 2018

James Balog is a photographer who captured images of something shocking while he was with his crew near a glacier in Greenland.

The group had placed cameras around the area in the Arctic Circle to capture images over the span of several years. They wanted to see if there was any evidence that the glaciers were melting or if there was any damage to the Arctic Circle that needed attention. While in Greenland, James and his crew were also filming a documentary.

They wanted to capture images that show the face of climate change, but they didn't expect part of the glacier behind them to break off and slide into the ocean.

The large piece of ice seemed to snap at a moment's notice. It quickly rushed into the water and seemed to bob up and down for a few moments before floating away with the current. This is quite possibly the largest event of its size captured on camera.

The piece of ice was roughly the size of Manhattan.

James and his cameramen stood around for about an hour to look at the massive piece of ice, waiting to see if there would be another piece to break off as well.

Unfortunately, this won't be the last time that a piece of ice this large breaks off from a glacier. James hasn't always accepted global warming and climate change. He has taken pictures of various sights in the wilderness, but he's also expressed that those who claim that the sky is falling and that the climate is steadily getting worse are comical.

James hasn't always thought that humans could be at the root of changing the chemistry and physical aspects of the world. In 2005, James changed his mind after reviewing images and video footage.

James was on his first trip to the Arctic when he thought long and hard about climate change. He saw the ice cores located in Greenland. He has also seen that there have been more landmasses in the Arctic that have melted in that past 20 years than there have been over the past thousands of years.

James began to see that the melting is not normal and that there are variations that have occurred over the span of only a few short years.

When the ice broke off while James was filming, he knew then that something had to be done and had a desire to get others on board with protecting the Arctic.

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