The New Collarbone Challenge Is Raising Eyebrows All Over The World

There's a new collarbone challenge, also dubbed the "Clavicle Challenge," where you try holding a fish in the space of your clavicle inside water. What do you think of this new challenge?

The collarbone challenge, which was recently introduced online by Next Shark, is growing in popularity, particularly among women who are Chinese. You can view many of these women online in images and videos doing this challenge. While there’s nothing dangerous going on for anyone participating, it’s still unusual and something that’s raising eyebrows.

During this challenge, women can show off how deep their the clavicle in their collarbone is and it's possible to confirm this fact when the fish begins swimming throughout the space.

It's becoming more of a trend as more people began uploading images and videos of their collarbones and clavicles. The fish remains safe during the challenge and, if the woman’s clavicle is deep enough, it can remain there without harm.

Despite having started in China in 2015, the challenge hasn't lost any of its popularity. Many women throughout China and other parts of the world are attempting this challenge regularly.

However, this challenge has caused many individuals to become dissatisfied with the way their bodies looked. If they can’t participate in the challenge because their clavicles are too small, they feel there’s something wrong with them.

It's also caused many people to become unhappy about the way beauty standards have been set by this challenge.

The “Clavicle Challenge” or, collarbone challenge can be seen in many videos online.

What do you think of this challenge? Are you horrified, or do you think it's harmless? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Show this to your friends and family so they're not left out of this viral challenge!