Exercises For Reducing Unwanted Neck Fat And Getting Rid Of Your Double Chin

When we try to keep our bodies looking young and firm we turn to proper dieting and exercise. The same principles apply to your facial muscles which tend to sag as we age.


This brings us to the double chin. It's something that can be hard to get rid of, and even diets oftentimes don't remove them. While many seek cosmetic surgery to alleviate this issue many don't understand that double chins aren't caused by gained fat but are usually the result of an improper function of mouth and jaw muscles.

With that in mind here are three simple exercises you can do that target these muscles directly. These are easy to perform and won't cost you anything, unlike an expensive surgical procedure.




Open your mouth and roll up your upper lip. The goal here is to imagine you are scooping up water with your lower jaw. Move your head down and shut your mouth while keeping your lips relaxed. Repeat 5-7 times for one set.

Tongue Stretches


Look straight ahead while you stick your tongue out as far as you can. You then raise your tongue upwards toward your nose. Hold it for 10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat 5-7 times for one set.

The Perfect Shape


This exercise is great for reshaping your face and cheeks to maintain a youthful appearance. Turn your head to one side as you turn your torso forward. The goal is to put stress on the muscles in your throat along with the muscles around your neck and that's where you should feel a stretch. Turn your head to the other side and repeat.

These exercises are great for helping you get rid of that double chin and helping you appear more attractive as a result. Just remember to stay motivated. Even if you're struggling you can reach your goals if you keep at it.

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