The Most Cheerful Pit Bull Wags Tail In Excitement After Leaving The Shelter

Although it’s sad to think about all of the animals stuck in shelters with nowhere to call home, imagine how they must feel. These conditions take a toll on the animal even if the volunteers and workers are doing their best to make the animals happy.

However, some animals are just born to be happy despite their conditions, and seeing animals leave the shelter and watching their entire demeanor change makes it all worth it. One pit bull received her big news at the best time, and she couldn't stop wagging her tail about it! Matilda the pit bull was a resident of the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Georgia. When she arrived, the staff quickly picked up on her optimistic attitude and happiness.

However, despite her positive mindset, the puppy hadn’t always had a great life. At two months old, all she had known to call home was the streets of Georgia. She had been a stray for her entire life, and when she was rescued, they discovered worms in her stomach and severe skin irritation. But despite her health conditions, she remained happy and never stopped wagging her tail and giving affection.

Knowing that this happy puppy would make a great addition to any home, one of the volunteers from the shelter, Santina Sanders, decided to post a video of Matilda online, hoping to get her an owner. The video showcased her playful nature and never-ending tail wag.

The video gained the puppy quite a bit of attention, and one of the volunteers from another group, Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, knew that Matilda was special. Instead of leaving her in the shelter, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo decided to find her a foster home with Kerrie Rich. And despite having to ride in the car to her new home for an hour and a half, her tail never stopped wagging the entire time! Naturally, Rich fell in love with Matilda upon first sight. The foster mom quickly found out that there was only one thing Matilda didn’t like—collars!

Despite her dislike for these garments, she is completely in love with the rest of her life. She gets to take naps cuddling up to her foster siblings and has plenty of toys to keep her occupied. Clearly, this dog is a real winner who will live a happy and long life. What do you think about this story? Have you ever fostered an animal?