The Life Of The Abandoned Orphan With Silver Eyes Changes When This Woman Sees Her Photo.

Jun 04, 2018 by apost team

Primrose was once a small baby who was spending her days in an orphanage. This young girl was born with congenital glaucoma, a very serious condition. Not only does this medical condition leave the individual unable to see, in the case of Primrose, it left her with a pair of unusually colored eyes. They were pure silver! Unfortunately, for the first two years of her young life, her glaucoma was left untreated in the orphanage. This caused the young girl to be in pain most of the time. 

Primrose wasn’t just blind, however. She also had hearing difficulties, which made it challenging for her birth mother to raise her. She was abandoned at birth by her biological mother to the orphanage that she would reside in for almost two years. It was a struggle to find that perfect family who would adopt her and give her the special care and attention she so desperately needed!

As time passed, Primrose continued to be a ward of the orphanage. She sat alone, unable to sit up or drink from a bottle. She had trouble even lifting her head up and holding it there. She had no idea what it was like to have someone hold her and love her, let alone what it was like to have a parent who could take care of her! 

At the same time, all the way across the globe in Braselton, Georgia, one couple were happily married and raising two children of their own. This couple was Chris and Eryn Austin. 

Eryn was casually perusing Facebook in January of 2016 when she came across the photograph that would forever change their lives. This little girl from China stared back at her from the screen, sending chills up and down her spine. She had piercing silver eyes that just cut through her heart in a way she couldn’t describe! 

It took many months to finalize the adoption and get her to America, but in the end, the long wait was worth it! 

Are you ready to check out the video that will bring tears to your eyes? Watch below and tell us what you think! 

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