The Late Glenn Frey From The Famous Band, The Eagles, Was Replaced By His Son - And He Sounds Just Like His Father

Oct 15, 2018 by apost team

With over 150 million records sold, The Eagles are one of the best-selling bands of all-time. However, in 2016 the band's lead singer Glenn Frey passed away at the age of 67.

Frey sang all of the band's biggest hits ("Hotel California" being perhaps the most popular example) and even wrote most of their songs. He also played guitar and keyboards, which contributed heavily to the group's sound.

With Frey gone, Eagles drummer Don Henley felt that the band would no longer be able to perform. Frey's voice was too important and without him the band simply could not go on.

But in 2017, they got a new idea. What if Glenn's son, Deacon, took his place? They decided to give it a try, and Deacon joined the band on tour along with Country music star Vince Gill. 

Deacon had played professionally and performed one of the Eagles' hits, "Peaceful Easy Feeling," at his father's memorial service. It seemed worth a shot to give him a chance.

Henley noted that Deacon was extremely poised during the performance even though the stakes were extremely high. When the band began to consider going on tour with a new lead singer, Henley thought Deacon deserved the spot.

Henley feels that the Eagles would not have been able to continue as a band without Deacon keeping the spirit of his father alive. Everyone who hears the band understands what Deacon is adding, especially if they are Eagles fans.

Deacon's singing voice is extremely similar to his father's, but Henley makes a point that Deacon is bringing more to the table than simply re-making his dad's vocals.

Henley noted that although Deacon was initially trying to duplicate his father's sound, he eventually started to develop his own individual take on the songs. Ultimately, regardless of whether Deacon is singing the songs with his father's approach or his own, he keeps the spirit going.

Deacon has been performing with the Eagles for over a year, sharing vocal duties with Gill. Deacon's performance has garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Almost everyone seems to agree that he is doing an excellent job of carrying the torch.

A reviewer from the Charlotte Observer noted that the new band can still sound great, even without Glenn Frey. Many fans feel it is more respectful to use Deacon in the band, rather than another musician who may have had no personal connection to Glenn.

Henley said that Glenn is living on in the form of his son. He also mentions that Deacon has adjusted to the band extremely quickly.

Henley noted that Deacon had performed some private parties with his father, for crowds of about 200 or so. However, to go from that to performing for crowds of 50,000 is a huge jump. He is happy that Deacon handled it seamlessly.

Deacon may not play with the Eagles for the rest of his life, but it is clear that he has tremendous potential as a musician. The future looks bright for him.

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