The Fascinating Relationship Between Eye Color And Different Parts Of Your Brain

Whatever poetic soul coined the phrase that eyes are the window to the soul would have a hard time convincing scientists today. Scientists now understand that the color of your eyes actually influences your brain and how you behave. It sounds pretty crazy, but there's a really cool link that makes perfect sense.

Inside The Brain:

Scientists recently proved that eye color is determined by very particular areas in your frontal lobe that are also responsible for personality traits. This unique discovery caused them to probe deeper. Here's what they learned.

What Does My Eye Color Mean?

Here's what scientists know about each eye color...

Black Eyes

People with extremely dark irises make phenomenal leaders since they are very secure with themselves. If you have black eyes, you should definitely start brushing up on your public speaking skills and consider entering a field that requires leadership skills such as politics.


Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, chances are you're very bashful but intelligent. You are able to grasp psychology the most, which means you can see people in ways that others can't see. One interesting side note in this study is that women with blue eyes were able to tolerate greater levels of pain than anyone else.

Gray Eyes

People with gray eyes should consider themselves lucky since this is the rarest color to possess which makes them exotic! Gray eyes come in either a dark or light shade. People with dark gray eyes don't have much emotional stability. On the other hand, people with lighter gray eyes are more sentimental.


Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed people are basically superheroes. They usually sleep 2 hours less than the rest of us and they are naturally very kind and respectful. Brown-eyed people definitely make incredible friends who are thoughtful and warm.


Green Eyes

Green eyes proved to be the favorite among the scientists. The level of melanin present in green eyes makes a perfect balance between brown and blue eye color, which means green eyes have the best of both worlds. The study found that green-eyed people were viewed as the most sensual and pleasing group. Green-eyed people are balanced like browns and intelligent like blues. Their personality type is also quite creative and calm.


Is The Poet Right?

Eyes definitely can tell a lot about a person. Unfortunately, back then, this poet had no idea about the science behind his beautiful phrase.


Were you surprised by your results? Make sure all of your friends know what their eye color says about the brains!