The End Of The World Was Predicted By Stephen Hawking Before He Died And We Should Be Nervous

Apr 04, 2018 by apost team

Stephen Hawking, the beloved theoretical physicist, died recently and his absence is shaking the world. He was 76 years old when he died in his Cambridge home.

Hawking has given so much to humanity, and his loss will be felt deeply for many years to come. He was one of the most brilliant geniuses this last century produced.

During this period of darkness, we find light by remembering how his work has illuminated the universe.

Hawking's life history is notably tragic. At the young age of 21, he was diagnosed with the debilitating disease ALS, which slowly paralyzed his entire body.

His existence was filled with constant pain. Yet he chose to persist and communicate from his wheelchair through his speech-generating tool. This is how he shared his astounding discoveries for decades.

Hawking sought to learn "the theory of everything", which inspired the 2014 biographical film starring Eddie Redmayne.

But what surprised us most is finding a prediction Hawking made about humanity shortly before he passed. Whether that was a coincidence or his parting warning, we should pay attention.

Hawking's last work was writing a paper that aimed to prove the existence of a multiverse. He predicted that our universe would slowly fade to nothingness once all of our stars run out of fuel.

Some people believe that Hawking finally discovered a way to find other universes if ours is dying.

Hawking was known to question the existence of intelligent life, and he often wondered if other lifeforms see the signs of our life and know we are here, or if we are simply floating on a rock in a dead sea.

The Sunday Times reported that if Hawking's paper, which is titled "A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation," proves the existence of multiple universes, he could have won a Nobel prize if he was still alive.

His paper is currently being reviewed for publication, so hopefully, we can have some answers in due time.

Yet Hawking's scariest prediction is what comes next.

It's no secret that overpopulation is causing a huge strain on our resources. Billions of people don't have access to clean water or food. Most of our population is either obese or starving.

Hawking has warned us that our current reproduction trends cannot be sustained within the next millennium. He believed that "By the year 2600, the world's population would be standing shoulder to shoulder, and the electricity consumption would make the Earth glow red-hot."

Hawking offered one solution, which is to terraform other planets so that they could sustain life. Mars is an attractive choice due to its proximity and similarities to Earth.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, hopes to achieve that in the near future, as he is currently working on making space travel affordable for normal people who are not astronauts. Only time will tell how far humanity can travel in this universe, or in many universes.

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