The Cycle Of Kindness: The More You Give, The More You Can Receive

Oct 01, 2018 by apost team

If you've never experienced what it's like to struggle in life, then it's sometimes hard to know how to react to other people who are struggling. You might see someone who doesn't have food or clothing or someone who doesn't have a home.

It's the way that you react to these situations that often impacts the rest of your life and that increases the respect that you show to other people.

Sometimes, kindness is nonexistent. waiting too busy to go about their daily lives to even pay attention to the people around them who truly need help. However, there are also people who are ready and willing to do everything that it takes in order to make sure others are cared for and have at least the basic necessities.

The kindness of others often appears when it's least expected but when it's needed the most.

When a group of teenagers sees a woman with several bags get on a bus, they get up and give her their seat. This is something that you don't see among many teenagers in today's society because they are too focused on homework, school activities, their friends, or other events in life to pay attention to those who are older than they are who might need help.

Two customers at a store waiting in line to pay for their purchases, one carrying a baby in her arms. The woman with the baby has an expired card and no money. The man who is in line with her puts money on the counter to pay for the things that she needs for her child. Even though she needs the items, she feels ashamed because someone else has to buy them.

Watch a few more stories showcasing people who still believe in kindness and treating others with respect.

What do you think of this video? What acts of kindness have had an impact on your life - either giving or receiving? Let us know in the comments, and pass this heartwarming article along to your friends and family to kickstart the cycle!