The Couple In This Famous Woodstock Photo Have Been Tracked Down And They Are Still Together 50 Years Later

Woodstock was an iconic music festival that took place in 1969. Although many have tried to replicate the festival since then, the original Woodstock stands out as one of a kind, a moment in history where people came together to celebrate the ideas of peace, love and creative expression. Woodstock was the ultimate symbol of the youth counterculture movement of the 60s.

While many unforgettable photographs were taken at the festival, perhaps there was none more iconic than the famous photo of two young lovers embracing one another, a blanket draped around their shoulders. The picture was snapped by legendary photographer Burk Uzzle and is now considered one of the greatest photos from the festival. In fact, Atlantic Records used the picture as cover art when it released a compilation album of all the musicians who performed at Woodstock.

For decades, many people have wondered just who these two lovebirds were and what happened to them after the festival ended. If you believe in true love, you'll be thrilled to hear that the couple in the photo is still together to this very day.

Nick and Bobbi Ercoline hadn't been dating for long when they attended Woodstock together. They'd met while Nick was working at a bartender in New York City. When Burk Uzzle snapped the history-making photo, the Ercolines had no idea they'd been photographed. They were totally in love and in their own little world according to TIME magazine

The Ercolines have been together for almost 50 years. Today, they have four grandchildren and insist that they're just "Grammy and Papa" now when people ask them if they're still as cool as they were in their Woodstock days. While they never planned on becoming the faces of the most legendary music festival of all time, the Ercolines have been flattered by the attention the famous photo earned them.

However, the photo is tinged with sadness for the Ercolines. In the bottom right corner of the iconic picture, you'll notice a man lying on the ground under a blanket. That was the Ercoline's dear friend, a veteran of the Vietnam War named James Corcoran, who Nick and Bobbi affectionately called "Corky." Since Corky passed away a year ago, the photo is now bittersweet for the couple as they told ABC7 NY.

The magic of this photo goes to show how little random moments in time can become symbolic for entire movements and eras in history. Be sure to pass this story along to anyone who loves the spirit of the 60s.