The Color You Wear Most Often Reveals Your Personality

by apost team

Colors influence us in different ways, so when looking at a wardrobe you can tell a lot about someone by the color of their clothes.

What do these different colors mean? 

Blue: Calming and stands for serenity, reflection, trustworthiness, and intelligence. People who wear blue often read a lot and are seen as intellectual. A mindful color.

Red: Is called a physical color, it is the first color perceived by the human eye. Red is dominant, strong, full of energy, warm, exciting and sexual in many cultures.

Yellow: Is an emotional color, the color of the sun so it's really intense. Positive words associated with yellow are optimism, confidence, creativity and the feeling of being fully awake. 

Green: Brings harmony and balance. Green is fresh and means renewal, balance and rest because the eye doesn’t need to focus on the green because it's really easy to absorb. 

Above are the four main colors, let's mix it up with a few more classics: 

Orange: The passion of red and the positive energy of yellow which stands for comfort, abundance, fun, and warmth. 

Purple: Is a very spiritual color and also quite luxurious. Stands for quality.

Black: Is sophisticated, efficient, sober, classy and often perceived as emotionally safe. 

White: Is clean, pure, simple and minimalist.

Grey: Neither black nor white, it is quite practical and works with anything.

Brown: Is stable, reliable and supportive. 

Check out the video below to see the mixture of colors in the clothes you wear :) You’ll be surprised how accurate it is.

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