The Brand New Trailer For 'The Lion King' Is Pretty Spectacular

One of the best animated classics of all time, "The Lion King", recently came to life with a new, documentary-like reproduction of the original storyline. Like the Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, this movie is expected to blast into the theaters as an absolute success.

While Aladin is still in the making as the next Disney live reproduction of the original animated classics, the trailer for The Lion King gives you the chance to pre-taste the great success that this movie is going to be.

While the move is not live action, which would be impossible given the main characters being lions, the CGI animation is so good that the characters look like real lions of flesh and bone.

The characters Timon and Pumba are voiced by Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen in the movie. The two do a great job of singing the classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as the small Simba grows up before the viewer's eyes.

As for the lucky ones that got to see the preview, they could not believe how real Timon and Pumba looked in the movie. There is also a sneak-peak of Simba and Nala who are going to be voiced by Donald Glover and Beyonce Knowles Carter. Beyonce will be singing the classic "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" for the movie.

The producers of the movie are more than excited to know how the public will respond to the reproduction of the classic Disney hit. Unlike the 1994 animated original, the movie has a more sinister and gritty feel to it that can be felt even from the trailers.

Remember the scenes of the elephant graveyards? Those looked pretty creepy even as an animation. Imagine what they would look like in a life-like recreation. Probably very creepy. Not to mention the scene of Mufasa dying. The scene is one of the most heartbreaking ones in the history of animation. How audiences will be able to handle the pain of the scene looking more life-like is a complete mystery.

What do you think of the recreation of original Disney animations? Are you excited for the new movie or will you remain loyal to the original? Let us know in the comments and be sure to spread the news about the brand new trailer!