The 7 Best Things About Having Blue Eyes

Those beautiful blue eyes of yours tell a story. There are certain personality traits tied to this striking hue, which you and your fellow blue-eyed folk may have in common! Here are the top 7 best things about having blue eyes :)


Blue-eyed people tend to be more optimistic and have a positive outlook on life! They are full of light and happiness, which makes them great people to have around.


Human brains tend to find blue eyes more striking and appealing, so they're guaranteed to turn some heads and get lots of praise and attention. 


People with blue eyes tend to be more curious and ask questions more than others. Their inquisitive nature means they will learn more than their peers. 


Blue-eyed people tend to be very charming, which is why people fall in love with them so quickly. They are full of so much sweetness and warmth so they're hard to resist!


People with blue eyes are naturally sexy and alluring. They have the perfect mix of confidence, seduction, and sweetness. Seriously, what more could you ask for?


Since brown is the most common eye color, blue eyes stand out from the rest and rightly so! People with blue eyes tend to have more strength and confidence, which makes them great leaders.


Last but not least, blue-eyed people are exceptionally kind. They are the first to help you when you are in need and will listen to your problems and give you valuable advice. 

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