The 12 Stages of Boundaries You Overcome Before Becoming A Best Friend

Apr 04, 2016 by apost team

Friendships start out great. You care for each other and are so nice to one another. Everything starts off with you being sweet and before you know it, you are constantly teasing each other and your talks go from "that dress is really pretty" to "what were you thinking" in a matter of minutes. When a friend takes the step to be your best friend, there are no boundaries.

Stage 1: The sweetness stage.

This stage is when you talk about this new friend of yours and how great the two of you get along. Although this is a good stage, it doesn't last too long.

Stage 2: The “there she is, wonder if it would be too soon to see if she wants to hang out again today”-stage.

This stage is all about testing what the limits are for how strange you can be around each other and how many messages you can send her without it becoming weird.

Stage 3: The ”thank goodness I can be myself”-stage.

In this stage, you will not feel desperate and weird when you sit down and send your friend 42 texts a day.

Stage 4: The couple stage.This stage involves you and your best friend discovering that the two of you seem to be more of a couple than you and your man are. Like when you are hanging out with your friend and your man comes to pick you up, and you wish he would be late or cancel because you are having so much fun.

Stage 5: The “what is wrong with your hair”-stage.

This is the stage where we want to protect our friend’s feelings, but we know we have to tell them what they need to hear rather than just what they want to hear.

Stage 6: The “being able to show your psychotic side”-phase.

When your man isn't returning your calls right away or responding to your messages and you begin to think of all kinds of scenarios of what he could be doing. Then you just go psycho about your speculations wondering why he might do that to you.

Stage 7: The ”being able to go crazy on each other”-stage.

At this stage, you fight like you would with your own sisters and push each other’s buttons every chance you get. Your crazy side is front and center.

Stage 8: The “being able to be a floozy”-stage.

When you see your friend acting like a floozy, but you are cool with it because she's your best friend.

Stage 9: The “private eye”-stage.

This stage is where the two of you will spy for each other to find out anything. You think your man is cheating or some girl is after him, you friend will be out there digging into the facts for you.

Stage 10: The nasty stage.

You will talk about anything and everything with your friend. You have no shame when it comes to burping in front of each other while downing a can of soda and stuffing your mouths with tacos.

Stage 11: The “letting your best friend read all of your juicy messages”-stage.

When you begin to send your friend screen shots of messages between you and your boyfriend. She is on standby knowing you may need her.

Stage 12: The “telling her what to say in messages”-stage.

The first time you meet your friend's new man and you feel like you know him already. You've helped write the messages to him and have seen the messages he has sent back, yes ALL of them. There are no longer any boundaries between the two of you. You will always be friends.