The 10 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Will Always Be The Best Person In Your Life

Apr 04, 2016 by apost team

As much as you might sometimes hate to admit to it, your big sister will always be someone you look up to and respect and trust. She’s the one that you call when you can’t call mom and the one that will always have your back when you get in trouble. You know you’d be friends if you weren’t already family anyway, and these are the reasons why:


1. She is your first friend
Quite literally, your sister is there for you from the beginning. Your sister goes through every dirty diaper, every horrible tantrum and every bad fashion choice with you. Sisters know each other inside out, the good and the bad sides.

2. You basically share a closet
Every girl with a sister knows the feeling: you get bored of your own stuff and somehow always find her things to look better on you. Having a big sister with a big closet is like having access to a fashion store in your own home, and who wouldn’t love that?

3. Big sisters know how to deal with your parents
Whatever you’re going through, you can be sure that your big sister has gone through the same whole thing before. It’s almost like she is the test version and hands you the instruction manual on how to deal with the situation.

4. There’s no shame among sisters
Sisters have no boundaries. If you feel like having a karaoke jam session in your underwear - you know who to turn to. Awkwardness does not exist in this particular relationship. It’s a special kind of freedom.

5. She’s your personal jukebox
Older sisters always have the good jams and provide you with the best music. And more than that: she also knows the good movies, series, fashion trends and so on. And if your sister is a lot older, you’ll have all the old-school stuff, which is brilliant!

6. She gives you the facts
Your sister will never sugarcoat anything for you and tell you it’ll all be fine. She gives you the facts and her straight-out opinion. She will always warn you before making a bad decision. She always keeps it real.

7. Her door is always open
Whenever you need to get away from whatever’s bugging you, you know you’ll find a place in your sister’s room. Together you can binge watch series, eat fast food and just get your mind off things.

8. She knows your best qualities
Your big sister has seen you in your best shape and knows just what you’re capable of. Whenever you feel like you’re not doing your best, you can always rely on your sister to trust in your skills. She will always cheer you on.

9. She’s way cheaper than a therapist
And probably even better too. Knowing you from the day you were born, she has seen you grow up and knows every inch of your soul. They always know the right thing to say and will always manage to make you happy.

10. She will always be close
You could be living miles apart, but your sister will always be by your side. A sister will never leave or disappear, the way a friend might. You are bonded for life. Whether you’re going through a bad breakup, are having a hard time at school or work, or you just need a good old laugh, your sister is the one for it!

Just a little reminder to always tell your big sis how much she really means to you and how special your relationship is. Thank her for not ever ratting you out to mom and dad, for buying you chocolate when you were lovesick and lending you her ID to get into clubs. Your big sister is and always will be the best friend and role model you could ask for.

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