Texas Man Doesn't Understand Why His Neighbors Have An Issue With His Pepto-Bismol Pink House

When you're looking for a house, there are many things to consider such as how much room you need for your family and the quality of nearby schools. For some people in Texas, having a pool is a must. Most people also prefer updated kitchens and bathrooms. The first thing one notices, however, is the exterior and the paint color of the house.

Another factor that some people might consider is whether or not the neighborhood has a homeowner association, abbreviated HOA. This can be a positive thing because the homes and properties in the neighborhood are kept in better condition. It even sometimes pays for features like playgrounds, pools and tennis courts.

On the other hand, some people like to have more free reign to do whatever they want on their property, so for those people, an HOA can be viewed as a negative when looking to buy a house. For a resident of Pflugerville, Texas, an HOA was something he tried to avoid. Emilio Rodriguez intentionally bought a house that did not have an HOA because, apparently, he has eccentric aesthetic tastes.


When Rodriguez moved into his house, it sported a beige exterior that made it similar to the other homes in the neighborhood. However, now the house is much more unusual. It's not a light, creamy shade that you might expect. It's a very loud and intense Pesto-Bismol pink that you might expect on an elementary school girl's lunch pail.

Rodriguez stated that his favorite color is pink, so he specifically looked for a house in a neighborhood without an HOA so that he could paint it that way. At first, he only painted the back of the house, but he later did the same in the front of the house. Even the roof and the rain gutters have been painted in this obnoxious Pepto-Bismol color.

"I love this house. I don't know why people don't like it," Rodriguez told KEYE.

When asked about the reaction of the neighbors to this nausea-inducing color, Rodriguez didn't seem to comprehend why anyone would object to it. He explains that it is part of a cultural movement to "Keep Austin Weird." With this in mind, Rodriguez plans to paint even more areas of the property pink.

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