Terminally Ill WWII Veteran Hears Bagpipes Playing On His Driveway And Can´t Hold Back His Tears

Sep 12, 2018 by apost team

Harry Snyder braved the beaches at Normandy and now he fights for his health through cancer. See how one morning lifted his spirits as he heard bagpipes on his front lawn.

WWII Veteran Breaks Down In Tears When He Hears Music In His Driveway

It was the dawning of a bright day on July 26th. Harry Snyder Awoke to the sound of a beautiful traditional melody being played on the bagpipe. Snyder is a World War II veteran that's fighting for his life against cancer. He told his daughter and family that he wanted a professional musician to play at his funeral. The family decided to hire an ensemble to lift his spirits. Snyder was a young soldier in his 20's when he decided to serve and protect our nation. He spoke to The Mercury News about his good fortune when advancing on the beaches at Normandy, "I was lucky. I never got wounded. I came close many, many times.”


After serving in the military Snyder became a public speaker and hosted speeches at local public schools. He touched on subjects like the holocaust urging children to never let the actions and events that took place in Nazi Germany ever happen again. He was thankfully able to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day in 2014. He stood on the same ground where many of his friends lost their lives protecting our freedom and liberty. Lord willing he intends on visiting again and overcoming his illness.

Full of grit and with a brave spirit he gallantly walked out of his home to greet his visitors. He had no issue with getting out that morning although his health is failing him. Snyder broke down into tears when he saw the amount of support his local community was willing to show for him. Soldiers and Police Officers stood in line to shake his hand as he was visibly moved by the gratitude he felt from his peers.

His daughter Karen Potter decided that it would be better for him to hear the music for himself so that he could enjoy it while he was still able to. So she set out to make that possible. She was able to plan the event with the help of her community and local public service officers. His wife Doris Snyder Was interviewed by WTXF Fox News 29 and said, “This is a nice surprise.” Several Detroit news publishers were present to record and interview the guests. It was an uplifting sight to see in Montgomery County.

Throughout the event he maintained his humble demeanor. Snyder expressed multiple times that he wasn't sure if he deserved such a heartwarming gesture. He respectfully stays true to his character and reputation as an upstanding American.

You Can Watch The Video To See The Crowd That Gathered To Witness The Event

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