Terminally Ill Man's Dying Wish Is That His Rescue Dogs Find Forever Home

Richard Ewers acts as a guardian angel for stray and abandoned dogs. Within the past two years, Richard has taken in twenty-seven dogs and given them a good home when no one else wanted them. But now, Richard is ready to pass on the gauntlet as he has discovered that he is dying of terminal cancer. He needs somewhere for his precious, beloved dogs to live; sadly, it seems that there is a shortage of individuals willing to take them.

Last year, Richard was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to enlist the help of friends to care for his animals. Now, things have taken a turn for the worse and Richard is under hospice care with only a week left to live.

Richard is not as worried about dying as he is about finding good homes for all of his dogs. As of now, sixteen of his dogs have been adopted by loving families, but eleven are still searching for someone to care for them.


While volunteers are helping to care for the dogs while Richard is away from home, these animals are certainly suffering without their loving master there with them. The dogs are reported as being depressed, confused, and lonely.

They are currently alone in Richard’s house, going in and out of an open window at will. Volunteers are helping to provide the dogs with daily food and water, but they are not giving the animals what they truly need: A loving, stable home.

All of Mr. Richard’s dogs have been well-provided for up until this point. When he started caring for the dogs and opened his home as a sanctuary, local individuals found it in their hearts to volunteer money and time to get all the animals spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.

Mary Oyler from the group “Save Our Strays San Antonio” keeps in touch with the dogs on a daily basis. She reports that she is very sad with the entire situation and that, at this point, her main focus is ensuring that Mr. Richard’s dying wish comes true and that his puppies all find good homes where they can thrive.

Would you like to help these dogs and give Mr. Richard peace of mind in his last few days? You can visit their Facebook page to volunteer or adopt/foster the puppies. Every dog deserves a good home! Do your part to help in this situation by watching the video below and then showing it to your friends.