Ten Signs Your Man Isn't Cheating

Being cheated on is a girl’s worst nightmare. After giving her heart to a man, the last thing she wants to find is that he’s out sharing his affection with someone else. To help ease your mind, we’ve put together a list of ten signs that he’s not the type to cheat. Use these ten signs to determine the likelihood that your guy is or is not doing you wrong. 

1. You Are Both In The Same Boat Financially.

Researchers have announced that partners are less likely to cheat if the man and the woman have equal income. If the man earns more than the woman, there’s likely to be some cheating and, on the other hand, if the woman earns more than the man, there’s still likely to be an affair! 


2. He’s From The Country.

Have you ever noticed that country songs always revolve around men who are true to their women and would never think about cheating? Well, there’s a reason why – it’s the truth! Research is now showing that the “cowboy” type of man has been raised with manners and is simply too decent to go running around on his wife. 

​​​​​​3. He Keeps Up With His Money.

It’s easy to tell when a guy is good with money and, if he manages to keep up with his finances and be responsible, he’s more likely to be responsible in a relationship. If your man can’t seem to keep a job, is always broke, and likes to waste more money than he saves, it’s a red flag that something isn’t right. Whether this guy is the playboy type or simply is a dud with his money, you need to seriously consider the relationship. 

4. He Has Good Friends.

If your man is hanging out with guys who are cheaters, he’s more likely to cheat. Research shows that men whose friends are happy with their family life and remain faithful to their wives are less likely to cheat. Even if your man claims that he would never act like his friends, if he’s hanging out with run-arounds, the attitude is likely to wear off on him. 

5. He Is Emotionally Stable.

Although it’s easy to think that a guy cheats just because he sees a chick with a hot body, studies are now showing that this is not the case at all! Rather than cheating to get a physical experience, men cheat because they are yearning for an emotional connection. If your husband or boyfriend knows that you love him and is able to get close to you emotionally, he’s probably going to stay by your side! Forget the lies that men don’t care about emotions, and take the opportunity to really connect with him. 

6.  He Gives You No Reason To Doubt Him.

Everybody worries about trusting their instinct but, in the case of infidelity, it’s probably true. If you look at your man and are fairly certain that he’s loyal, he probably is. Why is this true? It’s impossible to say why, but research shows that women just know when their man is running around. Do remember that your past experiences may cloud your judgment – if you’ve been burnt in the past and feel uncomfortable entering new relationships, don’t automatically think it’s because the new guy is a cheat! 

7.  He’s An Extrovert.

Yeah, we generally think of cheating men as being the life of the party, but it seems that it’s actually introverts that are more likely to cheat! While no one is quite sure why, the quiet types are more likely to have affairs, while those who are open and social stay loyal. Some suggest that extroverts are so likely to meet other people and be open to new experiences, that when they actually choose a girlfriend out of the crowd, they intend to stay with her for good.

8. He Loves Rock Music.

This one sounds crazy and makes very little sense, but it seems that guys who love rock music are less likely to cheat. While there is no known reason for this, research is showing that guys who like to rock it out are more loyal to their wives and girlfriends than men who enjoy other types of music. 

9. He Has Brothers And Sisters.

Rather than feel annoyed by your in-laws, take a minute to accept them as a blessing. If your man has a big family, he isn’t as likely to go after other women on the side. Usually, only children are the ones who cheat. 

10. He Isn’t Always Ready For Action.

While a guy who isn’t easily aroused may seem suspicious to his wife, it may actually be a good thing. Men who don’t turn on like a light-bulb are actually less likely to cheat.


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