Teenager Saves 14 Clydesdale Horses Trapped In A Burning Barn

Nov 09, 2017 by apost team

The Martin family home outside of Atlanta, Georgia was struck by lightening in the middle of the night, a freak accident that could have dire consequences! Fire quickly engulfed their horse barn housing all 14 of their Clydesdale horses. With the barn doors locked, the family feared the worst before young 16 year old Macon jumped onto a nearby 4-wheel drive and drove it straight into the burning barn wall. This made a big enough opening for the family to get in a push the horses out. 


All 14 horses managed to make it out of the barn unharmed thanks to Macon's quick thinking and even though the barn was lost, this story still has a hapy ending! 

Watch this video to hear more about this incredible story! 

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