Teenager In Mourning Honors Her Soldier Father Killed In Afghanistan With Heartwarming Senior Photos

A high school girl recently talked to a photographer about creating “angel pictures” to honor her late father. Julia Yllescas is a senior who wanted to honor her father in a novel way after he passed away more than a decade ago. He was an Army captain who died in Afghanistan in 2008.

The Nebraska teenager wanted to include her late father in her senior pictures. In order to do so, Julia asked the photographer if she would be able to edit the photos to make it appear that an impression of her father would be with her.

She wanted her dad to be in the pictures that represented a monumental part of her life. Julia can be seen gazing at a transparent image of her late father in the finished product. Robert J. Yllescas was killed in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device went off near him reports CNN.


Susanne Beckman is the photographer who agreed to edit the pictures. She told USA Today that she has been a family friend of the Yllescas for many years and has been photographing the teenager since she was only 9-years-old.

She went on to say that they took the pictures Saturday and that she shared them to her business Facebook page the next day. Beckmann said that she couldn’t believe how much positive support she received from the pictures.

Beckman, who is a military wife, said that she was in tears as she edited the pictures. She kept thinking that she would never want to do the same thing for her children.

Julia said that she wanted the pictures to reflect her father so that she would have a “piece of him” by her side throughout her entire senior year. She said that she is happy that she was able to find a way to keep her dad with her.

She talked to CNN about his untimely death, saying that it hits her at random moments and can bring back a lot of heartache. You can check out some of the pictures below:

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