Teenage Girl Who Gave Birth At 13 Astounds Classmates By Bringing Her Adorable Daughter To Prom

May 22, 2019 by apost team

Kayleigh Snaith was just 13 years old when she became pregnant and decided to keep her baby. Situations like the one experienced by Kayleigh are not only terrifying for young girls, but also for their parents and people who love them.

The Mirror reported on Kayleigh's situation. In the article, Kayleigh says being a young mom to her baby girl wasn't easy. She talks about how difficult it is to be a mother at home and an adult to her child before going back to school to be a student and child herself. She said her classmates thought she was "disgusting." 

Kayleigh who is now 16, is from Stanley, County Durham in the UK. 


Kayleigh knew early on in her pregnancy she faced another serious challenge. She needed a way to hide the condition from her parents, other adults in her family, and her teachers.

She decided to conceal the pregnancy for a full six months. Her mother showed her full support once aware of the situation and the baby was born without incident.

Kayleigh's baby girl was born in May 2016. She named the cheeky and cheerful little girl Harley and was thrilled to have the baby in her life. The teenage girl will readily tell anyone who asks she feels no shame at giving life to her daughter. 

Harley is three years old now. Her mother decided she would send the message to other young girls with babies that there is no reason to live in shame. Kayleigh also wanted to celebrate finishing high school while she was at it.

Kayleigh put a beautiful white dress on Harley. She wanted her three-year-old daughter to look like the princess she is. She also wanted the young girl to remember all the love she was given at this special moment. 

The mother and daughter duo attended Kayleigh's prom together. Kayleigh wanted everyone to see that her daughter comes first, and for her to feel as beautiful and loved as she did on prom day. They had an amazing time.

What do you think about Kayleigh and Harley's situation? Did you enjoy seeing them spend time together at the prom? Show this article to your friends and family. They will appreciate the opportunity to share in the fun with the young mother and her daughter.