Teen Refuses To Let Elderly Customer Leave Without Food – Helps Pay For His Groceries

Nov 09, 2020 by apost team

When 18-year-old Teo Jordan arrived for his shift as a bagger at the local Kroger store in Covington, Kentucky, he had no idea the impact he would end up having on one customer’s life. In a simple but brave act of kindness, when an elderly customer could not afford the cost of his grocery purchase, Teo did not hesitate to step in and help with money from his own pocket.

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Teo was bagging the customer’s groceries when he overheard the cashier quietly inform the older man that he did not have enough money to buy all the groceries in his cart. The cashier then told the man he would need to put some of the items back. That is when Teo stepped in and took it upon himself to make sure the gentleman went home with all the food he needed.

Teo told local news station WTHR in their reporting on the teen’s act of kindness that he saw the man did not have the money he needed to purchase the food in his cart. He then decided to take $35 cash from his pocket to ensure the man had the food he needed. 


Outside of his part-time job at Kroger, Teo is a senior student and basketball player at Holmes High School in Covington. He had taken the job at Kroger just a few weeks earlier with ambitious plans to save all his paychecks toward the purchase of a car for himself. However, on this particular day, Teo was still happy to share his earnings when he saw a person in need.

In a time of national contention and disagreement, this sort of story of thoughtful behavior might seem out of the ordinary. The decision to think of others first appears, in many circles, to have fallen out of favor with everyday people.

For Teo, though, there was really no decision to be made at that moment. He credited his mother, Stephanie Burton, to raise him to treat others as he expects to be treated in return. 

With that advice in mind, Teo stepped in to help as soon as he saw the man’s need.

Expressing his thought process upon hearing this customer was coming up short for his needed groceries, Teo says that he always tries to help others who need it. Teo’s simple words regarding caring for those in your communities send a powerful message.

Teo’s mother expressed her pride over her son’s decision to help, telling the local news station how delighted she was to find out about Teo’s act of kindness. 

“I’m proud of Teo,” she beamed excitedly. She elaborated that she had always tried to teach her son how to tell right from wrong and treat others properly. She then added with pride, “So he was listening.” And that instruction was put into action on that day.

Although Teo would rather not have had the spotlight shone on his good deed, many in the community felt he needed to be recognized for changing another person’s life. Teo’s mother further noted that his generous heart is the reason that customer was able to have a few extra meals he might not have otherwise been able to purchase.

“I wanted to help the guy,” Teo explained. 

This generous gesture made perfect sense to this young man whose heart seems set on kindness to others, even though he is working toward his own personal goals. Teo’s humbly boils his focus down to treating others well. His goal is to do good deeds for those around him and make sure they know they are loved and cared for.

For the customer in need who went home with a full bag of groceries that day, Teo’s thoughtfulness surely made a huge difference in his life. For such a young man to set the pace for kindness is encouragement and example to others that will hopefully not go unnoticed.

His mother, Stephanie, agreed that it is a lesson we should all take time to learn and consider. She is proud to see Teo is doing a great job showing kindness, even toward strangers.

These sorts of stories are all too rare today. If you have enjoyed learning about Teo and his gracious act of generosity, please feel free to distribute this story among family and friends that might also need a smile and a bit of encouragement today.

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