Teen Misses Graduation To Join Grandmother For Private Ceremony In Hospital Instead

Seventy-year-old grandmother Sharon Thompson of Texas had been battling myeloid leukemia for several months and had to have a bone marrow transplant.

Unfortunately, the date of her surgery also coincided with the date of her granddaughter Taylor’s graduation from high school.


Secretly, however, Taylor planned something much more special. Rather than her grandma watching her graduate on the school’s feed, Taylor would surprise Sharon and graduate right in her hospital room, as reported here by The Daily Mail.


As Sharon watched the live feed, the school official who was presenting the graduates told the assembled crowd how Sharon was battling cancer and could not be at the ceremony. Nevertheless, the official told of how Taylor would be graduating at the hospital so that she could be with her grandma.

As her name was called, Taylor stepped into Sharon’s room in full cap and gown. Everyone in the room immediately clapped for the new high school graduate as Sharon and Taylor shared a big hug with tears in both of their eyes.

Although tired from the weight of her treatments, one can see how energized Sharon became upon seeing Taylor. Wiping away tears, Sharon said that the whole situation was like a good dream.

Looking back on the moment, Taylor said that being with her grandma made the ceremony all the more special for her. The video was later uploaded to YouTube where countless people have remarked how touching and emotional the ceremony was for everyone in attendance.

Thankfully, Sharon also got a happy ending. When viewers asked how Sharon’s operation went, Carter, Taylor’s brother, replied that his grandma was doing much better following the procedure.

What do you think of how Taylor surprised her grandma during her graduation ceremony? Pass this on to anyone who may need cheering up today.