Teen Invited Classmate With Down Syndrome To Prom – Has Act Of Kindness Rewarded By 'Surprise Squad'

The kindest acts get overlooked much too often. It's easy to forget someone else's struggle when you're trying to keep yourself afloat as well. Kylie Fronius is an exception to this unfortunate phenomenon.

She was just an ordinary teen girl until she made an incredible decision.

You see, Daniel Rivas wanted to attend homecoming. Had his heart set on it, in fact. The only problem? No one wanted to be his date. Daniel has Down syndrome and has experienced a lot of stigma because of it. All until Kylie asked him to the dance.


Kylie explained that she doesn't see disability. It's just something that makes you unique and special. Daniel's mom Tonya was so touched by what Kylie did. She took it as confirmation that Kylie had been raised right.

Fox5 News wanted to showcase Kylie's "promposal." They thought that Kylie's behavior could (and should!) be inspirational to everyone. What Kylie and Daniel didn't know, however, was that Fox5 had something even bigger planned for them.

Monica Jackson is in charge of Fox5's "Surprise Squad." She arranged for the teens to have dinner at a fancy local restaurant before homecoming. Tonya wept at the news. Her family could never afford a meal there.

She then sent a Rolls Royce for Kylie and Daniel to arrive at homecoming in. Monica told the teens that their story has "touched so many people." That's something to celebrate.

The star treatment continued even after Kylie and Daniel arrived at the party. The two of them danced together for a bit before Monica appeared again. She said that the fun wasn't over quite yet!

She revealed that Fox5 gave the teens and their families two free trips to Disney Land. The station wanted to acknowledge Kylie's incredible act of kindness.

Kylie and Daniel have now become famous in their own right. Fox5 uploaded footage of the teens' incredible homecoming moment onto YouTube. The video now has over 4 million views! The comment section is full of viewers sharing how touched they were. One of them wrote, "God bless [Kylie's] beautiful heart." Another said that they cried while watching the video.

What the comments all agree on, though, is that we need more of Kylie in the world. Her kindness should be the norm, not the exception. We should pay it forward when people are nice to us.

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