Teen Goes Wild When Hawk Attempts To Carry Away Yorkie Puppy

Jul 29, 2020

Cecilia Celis little Yorkie was almost taken by a hawk back in February of 2019. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has two Yorkies, Lulu and Heidi. The two puppies were playing on the outside patio when a hawk tried to snatch Lulu.

Cecilia was inside of the home when she heard the puppy struggling. She came outside and hit the hawk with a pillow to get Lulu released.

Pets are our family. We would go to great lengths to save them. Cecilia Celis is a 15-year-old girl who had to save her Yorkie from a hawk. The hawk was trying to fly off with the dog.

Lulu is a small dog and weighed around two pounds. The entire incident was caught on the home security system. The hawk could be seen holding the puppy down on the cement at the Las Vegas home. Lulu tried to break loose from the grasp of the hawk. However, it was no use because the hawk had a secure grip.


Heidi who is Lulu’s Yorkie sister watches and barks. She looks on frozen in fear during the attack. The hawk tries to fly away with Lulu, but she struggles to stay on the ground. It keeps the bird from flying away.

Lulu’s only chance for survival is that one of her family members will come to the rescue. Luckily, Cecilia heard the commotion and came outside. She sees her small dog clenched in the grips of the hawk’s talon. It is the instinct for Cecilia to run towards the bird and try to shoo it away.

She screams for the hawk to let her puppy go. Cecilia told ABC News, “And I was yelling at it, ‘Get off my dog, get off my dog!'” The hawk is not intimidated by the girl or the shouting. He drags the dog further away, while Lulu struggles to stay on the ground.

Cecilia understands time is running out. She must act immediately to save Lulu. She grabs an outdoor chair cushion and starts swinging at the bird. Cecilia strikes a couple of times, and the hawk has had enough. The bird drops Lulu and flies away. Unfortunately, Lulu was not out of danger yet.

The hawk’s talon had ripped a hole inside of the dog’s neck. Cecilia rushed Lulu to the vet to get her help. She arrived at the vet’s office. They told Cecilia that she arrived just in time, and Lulu was going to be okay.

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