Teen Fighting Cancer Can’t Attend His Senior Prom So Classmates Bring Party To Him

Ilijah Barron a 19-year-old from Syracuse, New York has been battling bone cancer for the last 18 months. When he discovered he wasn’t going to be able to make it to his Senior Prom, his mom went above and beyond to make sure the prom was brought to him.

“That broke him into pieces,'' Barron’s mom said to Syracuse.com when talking about her son’s reaction when he found out he would have to spend his senior prom in the hospital. “I decided I would try with everything in me to make him happy so he wouldn’t miss that moment. I decided it was going to happen!” she added.


His mom was able to organize a prom night at the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. Many of Ilijah’s friends and classmates from Liverpool High School all came together to make sure the night was extremely special for their friend.

In return, Ilijah gave his peers a surprise of their own. At his High School graduation, as the teenager was set to go across the stage and receive his diploma, he stood up from his wheelchair and walked across the stage.

“I have one of the greatest warriors ever, he is a very strong individual, and I love him,” Ilijah’s mom said to ABC News when reflecting on her son. Ilijah went onto tell the news outlet that his mom is his ‘superhero.’

Barron was all dressed up in a suit and tie for the big night before being surprised by dozens of his classmates all wearing proper prom attire. However, Ilijah knew before ever entering the room what was going to happen.

“I was crying even before I went into the room," Ilijah said to ABC News. "I felt good that they would do that just for me and take time out of their day to come to my ball."

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