Teen Cut Off His Dreads After Nine Years And Undergoes Major Transformation

Jul 23, 2021 by apost team

Getting a makeover can be a great way to change not only your appearance but also the way you feel. It can help you feel fresh, rejuvenated and even instill a new sense of confidence in yourself. Getting a makeover could be something as simple as wearing a shirt in a style you’ve never worn before or maybe doing something different with your hair or makeup. Whatever the case may be, doing what you can to make yourself feel better and happier is a good enough reason to try out some new looks.

A teenage boy decided that he wanted to try out something different with his hair for the first time in almost a decade. For nine years, the boy named Jordan had been growing out his dreadlocks to the point where they reached the midpoint of his torso. Jordan had his hair styled like this since he was just a young boy, but he wanted to change up his look at some point during his teenage years.

In a video showcasing Jordan’s clean-cut look, the moment he surprised his mother with his makeover was captured and has captured the hearts of many. Saying goodbye to the long locks was a shock not only to the teenager but to his family as well, since they had gotten so used to seeing him with his specific hairstyle. With a dramatic haircut and a brilliant reveal, the teenage boy showed off a shorter style with his latest look, letting his facial features truly stand out and shine. The entire makeover took a bit of time but was worth it to complete Jordan’s cool transformation.

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The Mind Circle reported that Jordan’s parents, Maximillian and Melanie, had been more than happy with letting their son get dreads and growing them out for years. He had had the hairstyle for so long that they had grown incredibly used to seeing him like that, making his makeover that much more shocking and surprising. Since Jordan had kept his hair in the same style for so long, he figured it was time to try out something new and fresh and opted for an extreme haircut. He said goodbye to his long, heavy locks and instead decided to let his facial features shine more with a brand new shorter hairdo.

Teaming up with his father, Jordan went all out with his clean-cut look. The Mind Circle reported that they devised their secret plan to chop off the teenager’s hair and shave it for the very first time without Melanie knowing. A video of the makeover showed Maximilian spending a lot of time and using plenty of care when he shaved his son’s dreads off before combing through the remaining hair and shaving it cleanly.

When Jordan’s mother arrived home, she was in for the surprise of a lifetime. Her reaction was heartwarming as she broke down into tears upon seeing her son with short hair for the first time in years, to which Jordan gave her a sweet hug. The Mind Circle reported that Maximillian took Jordan to “the most amazing barber in town” the following day to get his first-ever fade haircut, completing his epic transformation.


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