Teen Brothers Play Harmonica Duet & Earn Standing Ovation From Judges On AGT

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

High school students, Brody Gage, 15, and older brother Alex, 17, formed a musical duo called Brothers Gage. These young men are incredibly talented musicians and shared that they play several instruments. For their 2020 “America’s Got Talent” audition, the brothers decided to show off their harmonica skills to win over the judges. Their efforts earned the duo a standing ovation from Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel.

When the teen brothers first went on stage and shared that they would be performing with harmonicas, Simon Cowell did not seem too thrilled. However, after Brody and Alex explained that they had produced the track themselves, Cowell seemed intrigued. As soon as the song kicked off, the judge’s eyes grew wide with shock at the duo’s immense talent.

In their pre-show interview with Terry Crews, the brothers explained that they had been practicing the harmonica and performing in talent shows since they were in grade school. After years of building up their confidence and skills, the teens decided to audition for the 15th season of “America’s Got Talent,” and they stand a real chance at winning. 

Heidi Klum was absent from the show due to a recent illness. She decided to stay home as a precaution. The boys performed for Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet from “Modern Family.” They all seemed surprised and delighted by the incredible harmonica music. 

There was no audience at the taping of the show due to safety measures, but the judges’ reactions were enough to convey how great the song was. Keep reading to find out how viewers online reacted to Brody and Alex’s performance.

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Both Crews and Mandel pointed out that harmonica players are usually of an older generation, and that it was surprising to see such talented players in their teens. A commenter on Youtube mentioned that we should encourage children to pursue whatever brings them joy, even if it seems peculiar for their age. “This is so important. Young people passionately following the path that makes them happy. We need more of this,” the commenter said.

A different person brought up that in the past Cowell has not always enjoyed performances by harmonica players. The user commented, “This is probably the only harmonica performance that Simon liked.” Having the ability to win over the toughest judge should help these boys tremendously moving forward in the competition.

Another person felt the absence of a crowd may have helped the performers feel more at ease. “I feel like, since there’s no audience, the acts are not as nervous,” they wrote. This season feels different from those of previous years due to the lack of an audience, but this change allows the performers to connect more with the judges and adds a new dimension to the show that we have not seen before.

These young men are an inspiration to other teens who may want to pursue performing but felt their age was an obstacle. Brothers Gage have made harmonica playing cool again and shown others how much can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. We are so impressed with these teens’ harmonica skills and hope to hear more from them in the future.


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