Teen Boys Find Crash Site Where Pregnant Mother Died, Hear Cries From Debris And Know Her Baby Is Alive

A pair of teenagers were headed home at around midnight one night when they came across a grisly car accident. 

The boys, Hunter Hasenjaeger, 16, and Collin Barry, 17, both residents of Minooka, Illinois knew that they couldn't ignore the crash site. Then they approached the car once they saw two people flagging them down. Once they reached the accident they knew they had to look for the car's passengers.

They found a woman in the driver’s seat, who they later found out was pregnant. Unfortunately, she did not survive the crash. Colin immediately sprang into action after discovering that there was a baby in the back who was still alive. He leaped into the car and pulled the little baby out.


The woman was identified as 27-year-old Alexis Danley, who died from the accident while six months pregnant. Luckily for her baby, she survived the crash thanks to the timely action of the two teenagers.

The police arrived after the pair had taken the one-year-old out safe and sound and even tried to calm her down from the shock and trauma.

Unfortunately for Alexis, she left behind a young daughter and succumbed to death due to the negligence of a driver who ran into her car while driving under influence. The driver who caused the accident has since been arrested, and his case is ongoing.

Life is quite ironic. One drunk man driving a vehicle puts the lives of Alexis, her unborn child, and her one-year-old baby into danger. Then two teenagers going about their business were given the chance to prove that there are still good people on earth.

May Alexis Danley rest in peace.

Watch the story in the video below:

From this story, it's safe to say that the world still has good souls. These two teenagers deserve more recognition for a life saved. Show the story to your loved ones and let’s make these unsung heroes famous!