Teacher Who Was Fired Over A Topless Selfie Sues For $3 Million And Starts Fiery Debate

Apr 12, 2019 by apost team

Lauren Miranda was a math teacher at a Middle School in Long Island until she was recently fired. The 25-year-old was doing a commendable job up until then, and she even received a promotion recommendation. This all changed overnight in light of recent events. Mrs. Miranda has been fired from her job, and she is now suing the school district.

How did this reversal of fortune occur for the teacher? She sent a topless photo to the man she was in a relationship with, and a student somehow got access to it.

She didn't post the photo on social media or in a public forum, so no one knows how the student found the photo. Although the photo was risqué, Miranda only sent it to one person, and it was a man with whom she had a romantic relationship.


On a fateful day, Miranda was summoned to the principal's office where she was questioned about the selfie. There was a meeting about the situation that consisted mostly of men. An administrator displayed the photo on a computer monitor for everyone to see.

Ms. Miranda stated that she was very humiliated by that. The administration did not fire Ms. Miranda immediately but put her on temporary leave. When the school superintendent, Joseph Giani, found out about the photo, he fired her. The reason he gave was that she was not a good role model.

Ms. Miranda did not believe that she was treated fairly because of bias toward her gender. Her lawyer, John Ray, is basing the law suit on the grounds that a male would not be treated this way over a risqué photo. He criticizes the administration for not understanding the concept of equality between men and women.

Another question has to be raised about the male colleague who received the photo. It seems like he is likely to have leaked the image because there seems to be no other likely way that a student could have gotten hold of it.

Watch the whole story in the video below:

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