Teacher Shaves His Head To Show Solidarity With Student With Alopecia

Being a teacher is a huge responsibility that rarely receives the thanks that it deserves. Often, teachers sacrifice their time and resources to ensure that their students receive the best education possible.

One teacher went above and beyond the call of duty to not only provide for a special student scholastically, but also to ensure that this student was given the confidence he needed to succeed.

When teacher Ehren Steiner discovered that one of his students, called Dino, was enduring significant hair loss, he was overcome with compassion. Ehren is no stranger to the school system, and he understands how something like baldness can impact a student’s entire sense of self-esteem.


Dino suffers from a condition called alopecia where the autoimmune disease attacks one’s own body. The condition affects hair follicles in particular, leaving individuals with bald patches on their heads. The best option is usually to completely shave one’s head.

Dino was struggling with the thought of shaving his head. Although his hair was becoming more and more patchy, he didn’t know how the other students would respond to his hair all being gone. This is where Ehren stepped in to save the day.

When Ehren heard about Dino’s concerns, he offered that, if Dino shaved his head over the weekend, Ehren would shave all his hair off as well, reports WESH. The gesture would help Dino not feel as alone and reduce the amount of teasing he might receive at the hands of the other students.

On Monday morning, Dino came to school sporting a completely bald look. According to Relieved, he was uncomfortable and doubted that his teacher would really follow through with his plans to shave his own. To Dino’s shock and delight, Ehren truly had shaved off his hair and was sporting a bald look of his own!

Together, the teacher and student were able to share in the awkwardness of the event. The pair could talk over the challenges of having no hair and were able to encourage each other with the benefits.

We’re sure that Dino was truly able to feel a boost to his confidence when he discovered that his teacher had shaved off all his hair as well. It’s encouraging to see teachers that are willing to go the extra mile to give their students the support that they need – even if it costs them their own head full of hair!

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