Teacher Sends Parents Encouraging Letter After Autistic Son Fails Test

Raising kids in the current day and age can be a real challenge for any parents out there. Parents of special needs children could potentially face even more of an uphill battle than other parents.

Teachers and school staff members who understand these kids and lend a helping hand to their parents can make a huge difference. 

Such was the case for one young man. His mother opened up about a heartwarming letter she got from his teacher during a time which would normally prove to be extremely discouraging for a special needs child. This teacher's thoughtful words were nothing short of amazing.

This story goes to show how powerful our words are. They have the ability to either tear others down or lift them up. Thankfully, this wise teacher used the power of her words to lift her autistic student up in a tremendous way.


Ben Twist, who is an 11-year-old autistic boy, found out that he had failed his SAT test. His mom, whose name is Gail, got a letter in the mail about how Ben had done on the test. This note that was sent home from school explaining that he hadn't passed the SAT wasn't any ordinary teacher's note. Instead of being generic, it was completely individualized. The touching and encouraging tone and content of the letter was completely unexpected. It impacted both Ben and Gail in a significant way.

Ben is a student at the Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College in St. Helens, Merseyside in the U.K. The letter that the school officials decided to send is a testimony to their deep level of empathy for people with families who are living with Ben's condition on a daily basis. They didn't want him or his mother to be overly discouraged about his failure to pass the SAT test. So instead of just a form letter or some kind of a shaming letter, they sent home an extremely positive letter that was filled with encouraging messages meant just for Ben.

Ben's teacher, Mrs. Clarkson, composed the letter. She included a whole host of supportive words about this special student whom she so highly regards and loves. She seems to be one of those people who is genuinely called to work with special needs kids. Her passion for helping Ben feel good about himself shines through in every sentence of the letter. Ben and his family will probably cherish this caring note as a keepsake for years to come.

In the letter, Mrs. Clarkson commended Ben for having a great attitude and for completing the test. Rather than even mention his score, she wants him to understand that just completing such a long, complicated test is an achievement in and of itself!

When Ben's mom started to read the letter she was overcome with emotion. It brought tears of gratitude to her eyes to recognize the sensitivity of this kindhearted teacher. She felt so extremely blessed that her son could be under such a positive influence throughout the school day.

This teacher provides a powerful example for every one of us about learning to focus on what is positive in other people. She shows how when you learn to creatively and compassionately express words of affirmation you can serve as an inspiration to those you love. When we each learn to do our best to help people understand their strengths they can start to feel better about themselves. This can, in turn, give them wings that will help them soar to new heights!

Find out more about the letter in the video below:

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