Teacher Realizes Triplets Only Talk To Each Other & Finds Out They’re Three Orphans

Jul 21, 2021 by apost team

Being an educator means looking after children both inside and outside of the classroom. Many teachers end up finding out the remarkable and sometimes harsh realities of their students unexpectedly. Three triplets who attended Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, graduated back in 2017 despite all of the odds. Sierra, Kassidy, and Haley Yeckes are triplet girls who started life facing an unbelievable uphill challenge. Without parents, the siblings were bouncing between different households growing up, often lacking the stability and home that kids need to live successful lives. The triplets hung together and supported each other for eighteen long, hard years. On graduation day, their lives changed dramatically. Local businesses decided to surprise the Yeckes triplets with a graduation gift that they would never forget. 

Read on to learn more about the triplets' lifelong struggle but their ultimate victory in graduating high school, as well as the incredible gift that they received. 

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According to NBC News 3, when the triplets were just three months old, their mother died. Shortly thereafter, their father went to prison, leaving them in the care of their grandmother. She didn't so much as send them to school initially. Their schooling began late when they were eight years old. After their father got out of prison, he nominally took custody of them. But, in reality, he often left them unattended for weeks or even months at a time. During this time, they began cooking and cleaning and looking out for each other.


They left his house after it was shot up one morning. He wasn't there, but the three of them were and there were three bullets. They decided it was time to go to the home of their other grandparents. They bounced around from one relative to the next and often were not provided the most basic essentials, like food or clothing. So they all three got jobs to provide for themselves. They started with babysitting jobs but later began working at Albertson's. Triplet Cassidy told NBC News 3 how their father wasn't present in their lives:

"He was absent weeks on end and it just was a lot of home stress."

When asked about their hard lifestyle, Cassidy said:

"We are just so used to it that, I guess it's hard to understand a lot about not having to work so hard." 

This drudgery was their routine. In spite of all that, they each maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. In other words, they were straight-A students. This earned them each a scholarship to the local University of Las Vegas. According to NBC News 3, triplet Sierra said:

"The three of us have relied on a each other as a support system and that helped a lot actually... so, I think if we hadn't that, if we were all single children or if we were even different ages we'd be in a different situation."

They were all really happy to be graduating and becoming legal adults so they could finally leave home. They were excited at the prospect of moving to campus. Adulthood was something empowering, not a burden. A parent-less childhood had been much more of a burden. Valley High School counselor Leon Wright told NBC News 3 about the triplets:

"These three girls together are the definition of adversity rising above any challenge, any obstacle thrown their way and still wanting to look at success."

Valley High School social worker Sarah Garcia said:

"I think they are little miracles. They've had a million reasons not to succeed and a million and 10 that they have been succeeding."

But their graduation day brought yet more good surprises. A local news station, their employer, a car dealership and others pulled together to give them all a huge graduation day surprise. They each received $5,000 to help cover living expenses and college expenses. They also each got their own car, plus free car insurance, gas, and title for the first year.

Despite their young age, the girls leave an inspiring message for others. Triplet Hayley told NBC News 3:

"Just remember — there is more to life than the problems you face today or the problems you face tomorrow. There is always something you can achieve."

This video gives some insight into just how much community support they got along the way. Numerous people and organizations were pulling for them and helping them out. It goes to show that no matter the burdens and obstacles, they can be overcome, especially if others throw in a little support.

If this pulled at your heartstrings, you should pass it on to someone else who needs a little inspiration today. We all need some inspiration sometimes.

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