Teacher Of 6 Years Leaves Field To Make More Money At Supermarket Job

Aug 11, 2022 by apost team

Teachers help mold the young minds of tomorrow. However, teachers have always been on the chopping block when it comes to low pay and hard work. One teacher in Ohio was heartbroken when he had to leave his teaching career because of finances. Seth Goshorn posted to TikTok that he was leaving his teaching profession after six years to work at Walmart. 

Goshorn started in the teaching field as a reading tutor before eventually becoming a second-grade teacher. Earning $43,000 as a teacher, he was inclined to take the job at Walmart as a stocking coach because of a higher money offer. From $43,000 as a teacher to $55,000 at Walmart, the teacher had no choice but to upgrade his financial situation. Posting his career change and thoughts on Tiktok, Goshorn was shocked to see his video go viral. 

The video posted on the internet has over nearly 900,000 views. The popular video also has over 63,000 impressions and over 1,500 comments from users. Internet users were shocked to hear that a teacher makes less than someone who works at a grocery store chain.

In interviews, the retired teacher shared that he just wanted his fellow teachers to be paid fairly for what they are worth. While the ex-teacher loved his profession working with the young minds of tomorrow, he has also embraced being able to live more comfortably. Not only are the finances better, but he also has more room for growth in the company compared to his teaching career. The Walmart worker said you don’t need a college degree to move up drastically within the corporation.  

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In his viral video posted to TikTok, Goshorn captioned the video and said, “It's not even close….. #fyp #walmart #education #leavingteaching #walmartcoach #careerchange.” In the video, he wrote, “Leaving teaching after six years to go be a manager at Walmart and make more not using my degree.” 

Goshorn told Good Morning America, “There's a misconception that we only work six or nine months out (of) a year," he said, explaining that often, teachers spend many extra hours outside the classroom to draw up lesson plans, grade assignments and so forth.” 

"Think about how good our teachers can be if they could focus on just teaching and not have to work a second job on the weekends," he added. Goshorn said that teachers choose the profession because they love it, not for the low pay. "They chose to be a teacher because they're passionate about it. They didn't choose to have to work a second job that comes along with it, and that's the thing that I would have loved to see go away,” he shared. 

Although the career didn’t work for him, Goshorn shared that he didn't want to discourage future, inspiring teachers. "I absolutely don't want this to be that I'm just trying to discourage anybody from becoming a teacher," he said. "That's not the case. I just want my teacher friends to be paid as they should be."

He was excited about the new career move that would allow him opportunities to move up in his new field. "You don't have to go and get another degree or more initials or letters in front of your name to move up,” Goshorn said. 


Can you believe that this former teacher makes more as a stock worker compared to teaching?! We were shocked but happy about his new career change! If you found this article interesting, pass it on to others who will find it interesting too! 

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