Teacher Notices Triplet Sisters Only Speak With Each Other — Finds Out They’re Three Starving Orphans

Jan 08, 2021 by apost team

Sierra, Kassidy, and Haley Yeckes are triplet sisters who started life facing an unbelievable uphill challenge, including homelessness and food scarcity.

Throughout school at Valley High in Las Vegas and beyond, they hung together and supported each other for years. On graduation day in 2017, their lives changed dramatically.

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This is a story of perseverance like no other. Sierra, Kassidy, and Haley Yeckes are triplet sisters from Las Vegas, as FOX 5 reports. When they were just three months old, their mother died. Shortly thereafter, their father went to prison, leaving them in the care of their grandmother. She didn't so much as send them to school initially. Their schooling began late when they were 8 years old. After their father got out of prison, he nominally took custody of them. But, in reality, he often left them unattended for weeks or even months at a time. Speaking to FOX 5, they said that during this time they began cooking, cleaning, and looking out for each other.

They left his house after it was shot up one morning. He was not at home, but the three of them were and there were three bullets fired. They decided it was time to go to the home of their other grandparents. They bounced around from one relative to the next and often were not provided the most basic essentials, like food or clothing. So they all three got jobs to provide for themselves. They started with babysitting jobs but later began working at Albertson's.


This drudgery was their routine. In spite of all that, they each maintained perfect 4.0 GPAs. In other words, they were straight-A students. This earned them each a scholarship to the local University of Las Vegas.

They were all really happy to be graduating and becoming legal adults so they could finally leave home. They were excited at the prospect of moving to campus. Adulthood was something empowering, not a burden. A parent-less childhood had been much more of a burden.

But their graduation day brought yet more good surprises, unbeknownst to the triplets. They sat down for an interview with FOX5 Las Vegas before they were told what their surprises were.  “It is astonishing, I am so happy,” Haley Yeckes says. “Well, I was not sure that I would ever make it this far but now that I have, I’m like, let’s do it.”

Kassidy Yeckes says that if you had asked her during the start of her freshman year, she would not believe that she would be presented with the opportunities that she has now since graduating. But with all the help she and her siblings have received from the kind-hearted people around them, she says she has many open doors.

Sierra Yeckes shares that all three of them would be going to the University of Las Vegas and that they would be studying and working at the same time. Haley Yeckes expresses her excitement about living in the dorms at university. “I am so excited,” she says while jumping enthusiastically in her seat.

“Because we get to live on campus and we will actually want to go home at the end of the day," Haley Yeckes continues. "And we will finally be able to have a place to solidly do our work.”

A local news station, their employer, a car dealership, and others pulled together to give them all a huge graduation day surprise. They each received $5,000 to help cover living expenses and college expenses. The three sisters are moved to tears by the gift. “This would be going towards the books and food and hygiene products and anything else I’ll need,” Sierra Yeckes says when asked what she would do with the $5000.

Those who know the triplets say that they don’t know anybody else more deserving of the award than them. Michael Ellis, a childhood friend of the Yeckes sisters says: “Just watching them grow up since elementary school into these young, brilliant women is just absolutely phenomenal. “As a principal, I am so very proud,” said Ramona Esparza, principal of Valley High School. “Because these girls have been through so much in their lives and to be able to have this opportunity for them … it is going to change the world,” she added. 

But the cash was not the only thing that Sierra, Kassidy, and Haley Yeckes got. As they were led outside, they would receive something that is perfect for a college student and independent adult to have.

They each got their own car! The girls could not believe their eyes as they walked to check out their new rides. They were gifted with a Nissan car each in different colors and with graduation balloons attached to them. Spectators of the scene can be seen in tears. They are likely moved by all the love being poured out upon the girls and are just so happy for them. The cars were courtesy of Don Forman, the owner of United Nissan. The cars also include free car insurance, gas, and a title for the first year. Amazing, right? “Nobody is more deserving of these three cars than these three girls,” Forman says. He added that the cars would be a necessity for them to travel to and fro school and work, and that their graduation was the perfect time for the girls to have them. But first, they would need to get their driver’s license.

While in her new car, Haley says that she is still processing everything that is happening. She says that she sees this kind of thing happen on TV all the time but never thought it would ever happen to her and her sisters. “I didn’t think I was going to make it to 18,” Haley added.

This video gives some insight into just how much community support they got along the way. Numerous people and organizations were pulling for them and helping them out. It goes to show that no matter the burdens and obstacles, they can be overcome, especially if others throw in a little support. “It was difficult, growing up in that situation,” said one of the sisters. “But we survived!”

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